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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. For gran, mum and the uncle you hate - in that order.
  2. I’m hearing that the new single will be released at midnight local time in each country. Is this true? If so, we’ll have it in a couple of hours!

    EDIT: Looks like the official Instagram account just confirmed this!
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  3. Yes. I wonder if that will mean it might get leaked, from countries like Australia, New Zealand and Japan that will get it first?
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  4. I reckon it will!
  5. I'm not as excited for this one as I know the song enough from the demo and the full Arrival cover version, it won't have the magnitude of a completely new ABBA song, but it makes sense for them to choose it as a final teaser before we get the new new stuff, which will hopefully end all of the world's problems, destroy Covid, and initiate world peace.
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  6. I reckon this one will be pretty divisive, it didn't sound great from the clip I heard but I don't know the song at all and hope to be proven wrong.
  7. I thought it sounded glorious. Classic early ABBA sound! I hope nobody is ever expecting ABBA to sound cool; that’s not really what they were about.
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  8. I listened to the demo yesterday, the 'ah-ah-ahhhs' are perfect and the big notes in the latter part of the chorus. The verses were feeble, but I'm sure that's down to the state of the demo.
  9. It's out! On first listen it's not a patch on the two previous singles, but it's still wonderful to hear!
  10. I like that so many comments on their recent Instagram post are mentioning 'Just Like That' the true "fan demanded" rarity.
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  11. Where can I hear it!?
  12. It’s on YouTube but showing as “video is not available”. It’s ABBA’s official channel so presumably it becomes available as each country reaches midnight.
  13. I'm surprised Benny isn't fond of 'Just Like That' but was okay with revisiting and releasing this. It's doesn't sit well with the two new songs, and I prefer the peppier, brighter backing of the 1978 version.

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  14. I wasn't asking for leaks, I was asking for a link to the YouTube video so I could turn notifications on!
  15. It might be relatively throwaway, but I can't stop playing it. That's the ABBA magic!
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  16. Well I quite like it, although the mix seems odd? Like everything could be heavier and bigger and more stomping? The intro is quite reminiscent of the Medley.

    I fully agree with the decision to scrap it from Voulez-Vous. It’s far more Waterloo/Honey Honey/Ring Ring. Definitely has an early ABBA sound to it and wouldn’t fit at all on VV.
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  17. I think it's pretty good! I agree it's not quite as good as the two previous singles and there is something odd about the mix - almost sounds like it was transferred from tape (which may even be true). Although it seems to be a mix of old and new vocals, I don't think their current vocals here and on the other tracks sound all that different so it's not too jarring.
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  18. Not feeling the new single after a few listens. It does not sound finished and the audio quality is not good.

    Instead I’ll continue to play the others for now.
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  19. Video of the day.
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