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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Played the new single a few times now. Not going to be a favourite, I'm afraid. Interestingly, an unfinished demo of this ended up on ABBA Undeleted, and the finished version sounds... unfinished, still
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  2. Yes, I feel the same. Seems to be an equal mix of those raving about it and others much less fussed. To be fair, I’ve never been a fan of the song so whatever they could have done with it wouldn’t have made much difference to me. It wasn’t even a highlight of ABBA Undeleted to me.
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  3. I wasn’t a big fan of the Undeleted snippet and while this version is an improvement, I still find it a bit underwhelming. However, it does have a classic ABBA sound to it and might promote the album well enough.
  4. It sounds very 70s to me (reminds me of Status Quo). Not sure it’s single worthy at this point in time but does make me intrigued about the album. It’s straight after Don’t Shut Me Down on the track list and it sounds fine when they are played back to back.
  5. Yea it's not a favorite and I likely wouldn't seek it out on its own, but it'll sound great when played with the rest of the album.
  6. I've known the snippet on the box set for 20+ years so Just a Notion hasn't reduced me to tears in quite the same way as the other two songs, as something completely new, but I think it's an improvement on the 1978 original and I love the full-on Spector wall of sound of it. The playout with the piano and the angelic backing vocals is particularly lovely and was a surprise as there was no hint of any of that in the 1978 snippet (nor the 1990s cover version by Arrival)
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  7. From the Universal press release
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  8. Yep it's not really single material.
    However it really is an ABBA song. The vocals/melody. It actually fits right in with Arrival. Sonically similar to Why Did It Have To Be Me. It would have made a cute BSide to the Voulez Vouz era.
    But quite happy and jolly, and a nice Voyage inclusion factoring on the "now and then combined".
    So far the lesser of the 3 we have heard this era, but it's Abba, anything they release is always of a certain quality.
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  9. It sounds really at odds with the other songs, but I kinda admire them for trying to cover all bases.

    It just makes me really anticipate the completely new stuff that's coming our way.
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  10. As I feared I don't like this at all. I really didn't want a throwback to their first 2 albums. I don't get how B&B can think this is good enough to release but the other "Just" song which cannot be named (which is sooo much better) is not.

    I'm sure there is much better to come on the album though!
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  11. The song is lovely, a great album track!
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  12. Considering their quality control previously, I'm surprised they've gone for this as a single - it's a perfectly serviceable ABBA album track, though it doesn't really go anywhere, just a pleasant listen. Still really looking forward to the album, but this might give the impression it's not an all-new album when they're promoting a 1978 off-cut. I'll listen to it lots but it pales next to the other two.
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  13. Yes, pleasant and enjoyable enough to listen too. Yet, wouldn't exactly seek it out either.
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  14. Strange that they described it as “unmixable” even as recently as 2010 when it was supposed to be included on the Voulez-Vous deluxe edition
  15. I know we really knew this already, but him confirming that it's all old vocals being used for the Voyage show is a bit of a bummer.

    It would have been nice to hear some new vocals. I hope that it's not so polished that it's basically the studio vocals over a live band.
  16. They confirmed it on launch day. It's not just studio vocals, they're using live concert recordings.
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  17. So they did, I do remember that now. That's not so bad then.

    Still would be amazing to hear the ladies do some new vocals for a couple of tracks though.
  18. I'll echo the 'Why did it have to be me' (with a dash of "I do I do...') comparison, but they do that schlager/dansband sound so well I can't help but swoon!
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  19. It's fine, it's just not that exciting.
  20. Not that I know anything about mixing, but maybe the instrumental/backing track (which has been remade) was the stumbling block?
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