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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. For me, somewhere between Arrival and Voulez Vous, Abba went from making music that was 50% borderline unlistenable filler, 25% novelty music and 25% classic banger, and became the best band in the world.

    This is very much in the 'filler' category, and is a disappointment for me because we were led to believe that the 'new' album was precisely that: new. But these are first world problems and what a luxury to be complaining about unheard Abba music. That they are even here is still the highlight of 2021 for me, so I can overlook this...
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  2. Feels very out of place to include old vocals on a new album, to me. I was hoping they’d have re-recorded it.
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  3. Well it looks like we definitely won’t be getting J*** L*** T***

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  4. It's the kind of thing I'd have thought would be a bonus track, but as it's smack bang in the middle of Voyage, I guess they think otherwise.
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  5. Some of the people who got the jewel case single of “Don’t Shut Me Down” in Sweden noted that the inlay contains the lyrics of both DSMD and “Just A Notion”, implying it was originally intended to be a bonus track/b-side to the single. As we know that they recorded more songs that didn’t make the album, I wonder (it scares me) what else is to come? If they’ve another trick up their sleeve? Perhaps another single, held back to coincide with the launch of the Voyage live show in May?
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  6. Remember this album supports a live experience where the audience will be ‘seeing’ ABBA as if from 40 years ago, so the past vocals really do fit in with the Voyage era, for me.
  7. What on earth was that? ...wouldn't it be amazing if that is actually ABBA trolling us, and that's the song that will be on the album after all...
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  8. I love hearing the girls voices in all their splendour on a track I hadn't heard before, but the song is B-Side material, and it might not have been the best idea to release this dated-sounding track after the absolute and unanimous triumph of the last two songs. This will not help shifting more albums as this is not the ABBA of Dancing Queen, The Winner takes it all, Knowing me Knowing you or even Mamma Mia, more the Honey Honey/ Waterloo ABBA that weren't really taken seriously.
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  9. I think this is to appeal to the 60+ and keep a radio play profile between now and album release.
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  10. The best bits are the 'Ah-ha-ha' s, but even those sound better on Angeleyes
  11. This isn’t shaping up well if some reheated leftovers from the 70’s (and not even the good end of them) is being picked for the follow up release, not to mention what a grab bag of odds and sods this makes me think the album would be.

    At best this is mildly interesting historical b side material. But it sure doesn’t warrant inclusion on a new album. Bonus track 4 on the deluxe release perhaps.

    Honestly, could they not have used their pop nous and today’s tech to give us the JLT we’re all calling for? I’d happily have a contemporary take on it that they’re happy with if it retained a portion of what we all like about it.
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  12. I can’t believe we’re at the ‘ungrateful shrug’ stage already.
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  13. Just a notion sounds like it could fit on the Gold album. I like it a lot.
  14. Standards and expectations were just a teeny bit too high after 40 years and the one-two punch of the first two singles.

    It's still a well-crafted pop song and will sound just fine on the album.
  15. I actually enjoy it a lot more listening to I Still Have Faith In You, Don’t Shut Me Down and Just A Notion together.
  16. Are you sure you can't believe it?
  17. I agree that it fits nicely in the flow of the tracks. It’s definitely an ear worm but it is a bit slight and I don’t love it like I did the first two tracks (but then, out of ABBA’s schlager range it’s only Why Did It Have To Be Me that I can muster much enthusiasm for). The outro with the piano and backing vocals is rather beautiful however. So, absolutely fine, but a puzzling choice for a single, unless it was just to showcase the album’s range - or because it’s a neat fit conceptually with the ‘now and then combined’ vision
  18. I'd assume the reason we'll never get Just Like That is because they gave it to Gemini (in some form). So it's no longer a unique ABBA song, whereas Just A Notion was never used anywhere else. Personally I wish they'd been less precious back in 1994 and put all these unused tracks on the Thank You For The Music boxset, instead of the undeleted medley. All they had to do was stick '(demo)' after the tracks to stop them being taken as new songs, and everyone would've moved on.

    I'd probably have really enjoyed Just A Notion then, or on the Voulez-Vous deluxe, but I think I'd have understood why it was previously unreleased. I'll probably not mind it as track 5 of the album. But the pre-album single, after the epic first two? I'm still a bit surprised.
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  19. Just a notion is an album track for me. It doesn't have the charm of its predecessors and I don't quite connect with the instrumental
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