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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Spot on there.
  2. I hope there is an alt or deluxe version of their new album with them on the cover. I would even welcome this adorable cover.

    Frida is the Grandma we all need
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  3. We’re on the final stretch now! Just a few more days!

    I wonder if it’ll leak.
  4. some the cassettes have already arrived!!
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  5. OMG no way!?!

    *potato quality leaks incoming*
  6. Just Like That: The Sequel.
  7. I first read that as you may leak!

    I'm so glad I have Friday off work so I can devote myself to ABBA.
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  8. Hopefully not, really not long now!
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  9. OMG in just a few more days we will have new ABBA.....not you just a playing on our speakers. It's going to be so emotional!
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  10. I just received a mail from the record company store that vinyls and some merch MAY be delayed
  11. MAY be delayed!!?? Surely they would know for certain at this point.
  12. “May be delayed” usually means “Definitely delayed”.
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  13. Gonna get to listen to the album today!!!!! I’m so excited!! Hope my body’s ready for their slayage!
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  14. I’ve ordered from the official store and not had such an email. Well, not yet anyway. However, they didn’t despatch the three singles until the Monday after the Friday release day, and therefore didn’t arrive until the Tuesday.
  15. I just finished the album. Some thoughts after the first listen:

    1. When You Danced With Me: Chiquitita meets Arrival. Mid tempo. Frida & Agnetha both sing lead. The instrumental is lovely.
    2. Little Things: Christmas ballad about how one wakes up in he Christmas morning and be grateful. Very good track, sounds like a happy version of Like An Angel Passing Through My Room. Frida & Agnetha on lead although Agnetha is more prominent. The song ends with children choir.
    3. I Can Be That Woman: Agnetha leads. Love ballad. I need more listen to decide if this one's good or not.
    4. Keep An Eye On Dan: Agnetha leads. Upbeat synth-pop. This song is very un-ABBA but it's really good. You guys are not ready for the chorus & amazing synth in this song. The vocals in this song left me thinking Agnetha in her prime would have NAILED this. The ending piano sounds identical to SOS. The boys sang backing vocal here.
    5. Bumblebee: Frida leads. Folk ballad. I don't really remember much about this song butFrida's voice is absolutely stunning here.
    6. No Doubt About It: Classic ABBA sound. Upbeat happy disco song. Frida sings lead. God she sounds amazing.
    7. Ode to Freedom: Grand epic full orchestral ballad. Very emotional. If Voyage was the last ABBA album I'm happy this was the song to end it.

    Overall: I like the upbeat songs a lot more than the ballads. Keep An Eye On Dan with a little tweaks could be an amazing single. I'm gonna play the album a few more times before I give it a final score.
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  16. Ohhh you are SO lucky! Cannot wait!
  17. Thank you so much for sharing.

    is your overall opinion that it’s a good album or not?

    and is there an embargo on press reviews or will we start to see them this week?
  18. It's a solid album although I think you already heard the best song of the album which is Don't Shut Me Down.
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  19. Most albums need way more than one listen though. I wasn’t crazy about Just A Notion at first, now I genuinely think it’s wonderful.
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  20. If people are going to start posting their thoughts and reviews after listening early, and discussing it, I'm out for the next couple of days. 40 years is too long to wait and then get someone else's opinion clouding my thoughts.
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