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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. For me, someone else’s thoughts on music would never ever impact my own reaction in any way. I like reading song descriptions etc, but it definitely doesn’t affect my own listening experience. Bring on the (spoilered) reviews!
  2. I love the excitement generated by the reviews etc.
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  3. There was an article recently which mentioned one of the songs having an Irish influence?? Was there one?
  4. And the new Diana Ross album is out this week too!
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  5. I’m hearing the chorus:

    Keep an eye on Dan
    He’s a silly man
    Like a frying pan
    Keep an eye on Dan
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  6. Bloody hope not!
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  7. Keep an eye on Dan is about Agnetha telling some guy to babysit her kid Dan.
  8. Someone already posted some lyrics from Keep An Eye on Dan:

    Keep An Eye On Dan is a highlight , bjorn and benny have some backing vocals towards the end

    keep an eye on dan /
    promise me you can /
    he gets out of hand, if you let him /
    so keep an eye on dan
  9. We are SO close!

  10. My God! I think my ‘joke’ lyrics are better.
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  11. Bring on the fun songs. I have no issue with their silly songs.

    Just want to reiterate: We are getting a brand new ABBA album in a matter of days. Can we actually enjoy this moment?
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  12. It’s only a joke, for God’s sake!
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  13. I think we are all well aware that there is a new ABBA album out in a few days.
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  14. Translated explanations from Björn about some of the tracks:

    Björn Ulvaeus inför Abba-släppet: ”Nervös”

    Björn Ulvaeus about ...

    The Christmas song "Little things":
    - When Benny played it for me, I immediately felt that "This is a Christmas song". It is not that we wanted to do a Christmas song, or that it would be "commercially good" to do a Christmas song right now. I just got such a clear picture of a "Christmas morning", this peace and quiet before the children have woken up.

    "Bumble Bee":
    - The bumblebee is such a beautiful image for the vulnerable nature that we are talking about now. How species die out and how to watch a bumblebee under a blue sky on a summer day. And then the thought comes to "what if it no longer existed". It would be a kind of loneliness that man has never experienced before, when the species dies out and we are left.

    "I still have faith in you":
    - It is a bit existentialist, it needs to be in its narrative, I think. I am thinking of the journey we have made, and while it can be read just as if it were about us, it has other roots, about strange things, about "unions". I think people should be able to discover for themselves what it is about.

    "Ode to freedom":
    - What freedom is, it is very difficult to understand and there are any number of definitions. So I wish in the song that someone would write an ode to freedom that was good.

    "Keep an eye on Dan":
    - You have divorced someone and perhaps did not want to divorce, then you have your existence around the child that you share. And the very moment when you leave the child and leave, I think many people recognize that. I myself have been through it, of course, it comes from it.
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  15. It's When you danced with me.
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  16. I had no idea personally!
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  17. Yes, I poorly worded my post in fairness. I think what I really meant was, could people appreciate that we have a new ABBA album out in a few days. I'm sure most people do though!
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Praying for at least one good sad banger.
  19. Expectation after 40 years is going to be impossible for them to meet, let's face it. It will be wonderful to have a new ABBA album in our hands but I imagine a lot of people on here will be posting comments about being disappointed.

    Expect the following:

    ''their voices don't sound like they used to''
    ''it's not particularly modern-sounding is it?''
    ''after 40 years, it wasn't really worth the wait. I'll take [insert track name] and run''
    ''would have made for a decent 4-track E.P.''
    ''might cancel my vinyl order now''
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