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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Lila

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    Are you really listening to Little Things and thinking it’s not wincingly twee? I think it’s truly wild to suggest that this record should be unimpeachable just because of who made it.
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  2. I love the sequencing of Little Things and Don’t Shut Me Down. I’ve constructed this little story about a grandma spending time with her grandkids on Christmas morning before spending the evening in the park summoning the courage to go and speak to her ex!
  3. It's ABBA and it's Christmas, of course it's twee.
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  4. I don’t think anyone is doing that at all. People are commenting on the performatively tone of some reviews are taking. A lot of these reviews don’t seem genuine, more an attempt to get clicks.
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  5. Nowhere have I ever said that. Nowhere.

    As for “twee”, my sole interest in music is, oddly enough…music. I’m completely unconcerned with notions of what is “twee” or what’s cool or not. I’m interested in melody, voice, lyrics, production. It’s a song about the joy in children at Christmas. What on earth is so awful about that? Why is that any more or less “twee” than a song about the joy of dancing? Or anything else? Does every song have to be cynical?

    Also, this is ABBA. They have always had shamelessly “twee”, sentimental, silly, shmaltzy songs in their catalogue.
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  6. And made by 70-something grandparents.

    That said, it is a lonely dud on this brilliant album.
  7. I think the album is stunning, and it’s such a treasure to hear new ABBA in 2021. That’s said, I can understand where some reviews are coming from, but I think those negative reviewers just don’t get it. And at the end of the day, that’s their loss.
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  8. My review.

    What an experience. What a feeling to be able to listen to a brand new ABBA record in 2021. Here’s my little review, as a life long fan.

    Firstly, this album isn’t cutting edge or ground breaking. Don’t expect modern reinvention. But it’s not trying to. This is an album that ABBA have made because they love to make music. It very much feels like a “thank you and goodnight” moment, a way for the members to put some closure on their ABBA career whilst also letting it continue in their fans lives. As such, it’s full of little nods to the past.

    “I Still Have Faith In You” still makes me quite emotional. For many years, the 4 band members were quite dismissive of their ABBA years, or possibly overwhelmed by it all.
    “We have a story, and it survived”. It’s both the gratitude and amazement in the delivery of that line. Gets me everytime. Cause you know that they thought they were done and discarded for so many years, I find it really heartwarming that they’re finally comfortable with it all and can actually be proud of what they did and enjoy it. It would have been even better had the song opened with a fade in of the crowd applause like in the video. That would’ve been a wonderful way to open the album, a nod to the new Voyage live show and also a throwback to “The Way Old Friends Do”.

    “When You Danced With Me” is a great track. Clearly Irish influenced but with a typical ABBA twist. The melody reminds me of “Arrival”. They’ve not really done anything like this. It’s a big track, quite loud, but that gives it this really unique atmosphere. Like your stood out in the sweeping Irish countryside when you listen to it.

    “Little Things” manages to combine 2 things I hate. Christmas and children’s choirs. BAH HUMBUG. Having said that, whilst I don’t think this is a song I will listen to often, it has a timeless quality too it. Like an old Christmas standard that families would sing around the piano on Christmas Day. It’s quite a warm little song, very sweet. It’s feels more like a poem though, there’s no real chorus too it. A pop song it ain’t.

    “Don’t Shut Me Down” is an instant ABBA classic. It’s like the sequel to “One of Us” with a bit of “If It Wasn’t For the Nights” thrown in for good measure. The second chorus is so euphoric and probably my favourite moment on the album. A great characterisation performance from Agnetha too. She has such a unique way of making you feel what she’s singing, and though her voice has lowered over the years, she hasn’t lost that magic ability to pull you in.

    “Just A Notion” I didn’t like as a stand along single and I’m still a bit miffed that they re-used 1978 vocals on a 2021 album. Having said that I enjoyed it a lot more in context with the album. I think it’s a fun song, and it really injects that into the album. It’s needed too, as some of the subject matter on the back end of the album is quite serious.

    “I Can Be That Woman” is quite a harrowing tale of alcoholism and domestic abuse. I thought with all the dog references that I would hate it but again, Agnetha really draws you into the story. One of the lyrically darkest songs I think they’ve done. Really love this one.

    “Keep An Eye On Dan” is a bit of an 80’s throwback musically and great example of Agnetha & Frida taking some naff lyrics and making it something special. Again, quite a dark tale about a divorced couple, and one of the couple meets someone new, and that effect on the child. Great little nod to “SOS” at the end too. The drums in the chorus seem a bit off for some reason though - quite “unsmooth”? Sorry that’s not a great description.

    “Bumblebee” has an amazing vocal by Frida. She sounds so strong here. The song is folky, I can hear a bit of a nod to “Fernando” in it and some of the earlier ABBA tracks from the first album. It didn’t jump out at me at first but it’s growing on me. Again - the serious subject in a polished song - this one is about climate change.

    “No Doubt About It” - what a great pop rock track. This wouldn’t sound out of place on Frida’s “Shine” album. You can hear in her vocal delivery that she’s really having fun with it too. This would’ve made a great single.

    “Ode to Freedom” sounds like ABBA doing Enya. Great atmosphere although the vocal is a bit buried in the mix and it’s hard to decipher the lyrics at times. It also ends quite abruptly - I sort of with it had a bigger, longer outro to really send us off into the future so that the voyage really never ends, but a beautiful song nonetheless.

    Overall a really wonderful album. Does it really do the heights of their original run? No. But it’s certainly better than their low’s (I’m looking at you, “I Saw It In The Mirror”). This is also not an album made by people in their 20’s and 30’s either. But it’s a very beautiful way of rounding off ABBA nicely. More proof that their music will truly never die, and thank good for that! The world needs ABBA. Overall rating 8/10
  9. I mean Head Over Heels is extremely twee- and that slaps hard. In my opinion of course.
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  10. I'm also not mad in the slightest about Just a Notion, especially in the context of the album.
  11. Still processing the music (and some of it is really really good) but the recurring ‘you’re a good man, I’m a failure of a woman’ themes did stand out for me too.
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  12. I gave it an honest review,I went in sceptical but I really did LOVE every single track. 5 stars from me
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  13. I skip ode to freedom, little things (I just don’t like Christmas songs and children singing tracks) , when you danced with me, and just a notion.

    On repeat: don’t shut me down, I can be that woman , no doubt about it, and keep an eye on Dan.

    I hope we get 2 more singles to support the album + 4-5 new tracks for the deluxe in a few months.
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  14. Yeah, I can’t with Little Things.
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  15. SBK


    I really like it. Don't Shut Me Down is the highlight.

    I'm not really surprised the ~critics~ are mixed on this. Despite ABBA establishing themselves as probably the greatest band of all time over the last 40 years whilst not releasing anything new or performing a note together, condescending critics will find something to bring them down. I imagine some have been waiting for this day since new music was announced.
  16. The idiot critics were probably expecting music exactly like they used to be back in the day. With little understanding that times have moved on, they’re at an age where they’re not trend or fame chasing, and nor needing to prove anything. They’ve made simple and beautiful music as a group together to close the chapter.
  17. Benny and Bjorn were on BBC breakfast this morning. Nice interview with Benny fractionally more open to further recordings, saying the ladies could twist his arm.
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  18. I think she’s there, but having lost the higher register and some of the power, it is Frida who dominates, just like she did on the live album a few years back.
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  19. Song ranking after the first few listens.

    Don’t Shut Me Down
    Ode to Freedom
    No Doubt About It
    Just a Notion
    I Still Have Faith in You
    When You Danced with Me
    Keep An Eye on Dan
    I Can Be That Woman
    Little Things
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