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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. The album is amazing. Little Things is lovely.
  2. Love how we got an Christmas song snuck in on there too.
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  3. I….didn’t.

    And I like Cher’s cover album even less.
  4. Because people in 2021 are use to stan hustling pop girls (bless them!) that needs a single that's a larger than life statement and sticks out enough to give then credibility and a top 10 to have a chance of releasing an album. Sometimes, and in ABBA case, music can be just music.

    Also, not here, but the number of comments I have read about how let down they are because this is not "danceable" enough like the 5 disco singles of Gold. I mean, did you really ever listen to a full ABBA album or you like disco music and ABBA Gold?
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  5. Urgh. My yellow vinyl sounds awful. AWFUL. It’s full of pops and skips. Some of the songs skip so badly at the end that it sounds like the old days when Windows Media Player gets stuck! And my set up is spot on too, every other LP I own sounds great. It’s a really poor pressing. Hopefully the black vinyl is better when it finally arrives.
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  6. I tried to buy the CD at Target today but there wasn't a copy in sight, vinyl was all gone too.
  7. Ain’t that the truth! When people toss ABBA aside as throwaway disco pop, I force them to listen to “I Let The Music Speak” and the live version of “Eagle” with that shredding guitar solo.

    Dance to that, bitches.
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  8. I’m cherry picking tunes to listen to but already Little Things is one to be avoided. Has ‘There's No One Quite Like Grandma’ vibes that I definitely do not want amidst an album that’s not a festive themed option.

    actually the children’s choir isn’t the bit that bothers me so much as the twee music box backing music. But I feel they missed a trick here by having it on the album and not releasing it as a stand alone Christmas single in a months time. Which would then no doubt be played everywhere and annoy me just as much as Shakin Stevens or the Flying Pickets but at least be separate.
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  9. The best version of Eagle…
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  10. ….so far
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  11. Same, but Fnac is going to send me another copy when I return. I love the cover but I’d father buy the black one at this point.
  12. Just like Adele makes me grieve for the relationship I don't even have, Little Things is making me yearn for the children I've never even wanted.

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  13. How strange, mine sounded absolutely fine! I didn’t have it on very loud but I certainly didn’t notice any skips or poor quality audio.
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  14. There’s a reason why Gold is so successful. For the vast majority of the GP, ABBA are their danceable singles. They are the ones people go back to. Most people won’t be interested in deep cuts from their albums. They take the singles and run. That’s how they have endured so long in the public consciousness and why Gold has sold more than their studio albums ever did.
    It’s not totally confusing or crazy for people to be giving this a curiosity listen etc and not be as enamoured due to the tempo not being as up they are used to.
    Most people will only be aware of the singles or odd deep cut from Mamma Mia. They’ll have lots of people being caught up in the hype as well as those who are super fans, know all the songs and are aware of the full range of what ABBA did. But there’s also going to be those who aren’t. Everyone is entitled to buy/listen to the album with at much or little education on Abbas discography.
    There is a weird snobbery going around from some fans who look down on people who don’t know much about abba giving this a go. There is no right or wrong way to enjoy music. You can dive into any album with as much or as little knowledge as you want. You can’t go round and tell people they aren’t the right kind of fan or that you don’t get why people might not like some songs. They have a right to be disappointed if they want to. Lots of people invest in an acts new album after only knowing the hits and they can come away not liking it or loving it.
  15. I Can Be That Woman is the one for me. Such a beautiful and powerful song.
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  16. Knowing Me, Knowing You
    The Winner Takes It All
    The Name of the Game
    I Have A Dream
    Money Money Money
    Thank You For The Music
    One of Us

    Less than half of Gold is “danceable singles”. I’d also argue that Mamma Mia and Super Trouper are not particularly dancey either.

    ABBA are not just known for up beat pop. Their trademark was more “the breakup song”.
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  17. The general public go for the more poppier songs though. Sure they are known for their breakup songs too but ask any average person on the street to name ABBA songs all of them will say Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Mamma Mia. All songs you can have a boogie to.
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  18. Ok hun, but you don't need to write the second coming of the bible just because you got warmed up by my observation and comment everytime, I know all of that, and not once I said people can't listen to the album without having knowlegde of ABBA's catalog, it's just, it's ABBA's fault when they don't achieve these expectation based on nothing but a handful of songs? You really like to make assumptions, don't ya?
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  19. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.
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  20. sooooo that’s why “The Winner Takes It All” continues to top polls of best ABBA songs, then?

    the top 3, as voted for by the British public a few years ago was:

    1. The Winner Takes It All
    2. Dancing Queen
    3. The Day Before You Came

    upbeat, dancey pop songs, eh? I’d love to take you round the dance floor to The Day Before You Came…
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