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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. You can dance to slow songs too. Besides The Winner Takes It All is a sad banger.
    Most of the songs on Voyage are mid tempo with only one or two being bangers. Typical Joe who dances to Dancing Queen and Margaret who bought Gold after seeing Meryl Streep singing in Mamma Mia are going to be shocked that the album isn’t all like that.
  2. You know, I really wanted to see more Frida and Agnetha as everybody else, but you got to love the grandma-boss energy they are giving by only allowing these images to be given to us, legendary behavior.
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  3. The gods may throw a dice,
    Their minds as cold as ice

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  4. Margaret also pre-ordered Super Trouper in 1980 and her favourite song is The Piper.
  5. This album is EXPLODING, EVERYWHERE.

    iTunes #1 in 64 countries. A new record.

    Universal has run out of capacity at its Polydor subsidiary and is relying on Capital Records in the US.

    Amazon Canada have SOLD OUT of the standard edition of the album and are having to quickly arrange more orders.
  6. And the gays who watched Mamma Mia to thirst over Dominic Cooper couldn’t give a flying fuck about ABBA and take screenshots of him in his bathing suit. Different strokes.
    I happen to fall somewhere in the middle.

    go stream Keep An Eye on Dan etc.
  7. I do not often share a personal story on here, but this unique ABBA release makes me emotional for a lot of reasons.

    In 1979 I was 5, and was a little ABBA fanboy. I was lucky my mother liked their music, too - and for Sinterklaas that year (a Dutch tradition on December 5th, the 'original' Santa Claus) I received my first ABBA record: Greatest Hits Vol. 2, and a huge ABBA poster. That record was played over and over and over for many years.

    Fast forward to 2021. My mother, now 75, has had a crap year health-wise. I pre-ordered her a copy of Voyage immediately in September, which she received today. I live in a different part of the country, but knowing we're both listening to and enjoying these songs while we're apart makes me emotional. I am so happy she's still with us, and ABBA connects us still.
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  8. I can’t imagine the LP of GHV2 would fit in your shoe? ;)

    Wonderful story, love to you and your mother <3
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  9. I’m loving that everyone, whatever background they are, are embracing Abba with love. I hope they feel the love and warmth.

    My Dad loved Abba, and he would have loved their new album if he was still with us.
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  10. Finished my review at last.
    I had to redo the video cos the clip of Don't Shut Me Down was too long and it got blocked.

    It's the first video on my new channel so I don't have any professional recording equipment or anything yet. Apologies if the sound is rubbish
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  11. My grandmother adored ABBA, I inherited her vinyls of them. She died in September. It would have made her tear to hear Voyage. She’s how I got into them originally.
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  12. Bless her!!!!! I’m sorry about your loss. Sending you big hugs!
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  13. That's very lovely!

    I hope I don't sound like I want to shift the attention to me, but my mother introduced me to ABBA back in 2003 when I was 12 and it really changed my life, our bond over pop music, discovering "the music of her time" was a journey and a joy and still a huge part of my life and who I am. This month makes 2 years since she's gone so we are not going to listen to this album together like we did with the others many many many times, so it makes me happy that in a way or another you get to do that. I hope your mother is well.
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  14. Reading these personal stories about what ABBA means to us and our loved ones, and loved ones that have sadly passed away, while I am listening to Voyage makes it even more special. Thank you all for sharing your stories.
    Lots of love from The Netherlands
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  15. So beautiful.
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  16. Drunk and reading all these beautiful comments as I listen to Voyage for the nth time today. What a privilege to be on this journey with you all, so grateful
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  17. Little Things is the weak point for me too, and unlike most of this pink hellforum, I love Christmas music. It's just too bland. And despite the "we knew it had to be a Christmas song!" messaging, it feels to me like it would have been better about a summer weekend morning. It doesn't help that ABBA didn't do many slowies up till now (literally the only one I can think of is My Love, My Life), which I'm sure also contributes to the casual fans' disappointment.

    That Guardian review is just Caroline Sullivan being her nasty self. Ignore.

    I kind of wish Ode to Freedom and I Still Have Faith in You were flipped. I get the logic of the lead single/a song everyone's heard being track 1, but it would be such an effective closer for me. In part because of its familiarity, it feels like a comforting warm hug and would be the perfect way to end the album.
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  18. I love Little Things. As soon as it came on it made me want to listen to it in vinyl in front of a fireplace by a Christmas tree. It just struck me a lot for some reason.
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  19. It sure sounded like I was sitting in front of a roaring fire with the amount of crackle and pops on my vinyl copy. Nice album, absolutely trash pressing.
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