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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Oh no! I haven’t listened to mine yet.
  2. Yellow version here. Maybe the others are better? Good luck anyway!
  3. This is lovely. Hope the album brings you both huge joy and that the next year is a better year health-wise for your mum.
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  4. I was able to finally listen to my yellow vinyl and didn’t have any distortion or crackling. Only had one noticeable ‘pop’, but I think that might have been static as it didn’t happen when I played it back. Hopefully everyone here is able to get a good copy.
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  5. I'm still yet to listen to Keep An Eye On Dan without adding the first line of S.O.S onto the end.

    It's been so revealed I hope it's added to the concert and those two songs could flow into eachother
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  6. Don't Shut Me Down is so good. Although I can't not hear "once these boobs were witness to our love"

  7. No surprise really, but Ludvig confirms The Winner Takes It All for the setlist (4:25)
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  8. When You Danced With Me does need another chorus (or two). A total headbop and is kinda their "sea shanty" of which has been "big" during these past year or so.
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  9. Hugs.

    Similar story with me and my mum. It's a shame I can't share the excitement of new ABBA with her but thankful, always, that she introduced me to them.
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  10. completely agree, a couple of the songs cups have done with an extra chorus.
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  11. So, a CD bought at the online French Fnac store, but shipped to a Dutch address and paid for with a Dutch bank account will count towards which chart?
  12. It's fantastic how well this album seems to be doing, almost expected I suppose as it's ABBA, but should never take anything for granted after all.
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  13. And here too. My brother got into ABBA in 1977 when he was 12 and I was five, so I got into them through him at the same time. He died very suddenly last December aged 56, having not heard any of the new songs. Although his interest in ABBA had waned considerably, he would definitely still have been very interested to hear them.
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  14. I think my favourite thing on the entire album is how the end of Little Things transitions into Don't Shut Me Down.
  15. Is it too early for a ranking??

    1 Don't Shut Me Down
    2 I Still Have Faith In You
    3 Keep An Eye On Dan

    4 I Can Be That Woman
    5 No Doubt About It

    6 Just A Notion
    7 Ode To Freedom
    8 When You Danced With Me

    9 Little Things
    10 Bumblebee
  16. I must admit, Bumblebee is by far my least favourite song.
  17. Maybe it's really too early but my ranking will change around anyway (as with any other ABBA album). Here's my current ranking after listening non-stop to it since I've downloaded it.

    1 Keep An Eye On Dan
    2 Ode To Freedom
    3 Don't Shut Me Down
    4 No Doubt About It
    5 I Still Have Faith In You
    But I have to say I love each of those songs, they're all 10s from me, so it's close and depending on my mood I can see I Still Have Faith In You on top, too (or any other of these 5 songs)

    6 When You Danced With Me
    7 Just a Notion (I think that's only so low because I've known that for such a long time, I actually like it very much)
    8 Bumblebee (I do not hate it at all, I like Frida's voice very much and the melody. But it's a bit cringeworthy)
    9 Litte Things (I've come to terms with it better than I would have thought in the beginning. I actually like the lyrics - that's what Christmas is)
    10 I Can Be That Woman (I absolutely hate the lyrics and I do not think that I will overcome this problem)
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  18. I actually found Bumblebee to be quite emotional and reflective.
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  19. I assume the French charts since it's a French website.
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  20. Yes, I'm with you and I love that they did a song about our environment. Especially Frida is very active with this concern. But the sound of the word of bumblebee or maybe how Frida pronounces it feels hmm ...
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