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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I'm ready to rate!

    I Still Have Faith In You - 9/10
    When You Danced With Me - 8/10
    Little Things - 9/10
    Don't Shut Me Down - 10/10
    Just a Notion - 9/10
    I Can Be That Woman - 10/10
    Keep An Eye On Dan - 9/10
    Bumblebee - 8/10
    No Doubt About It - 10/10
    Ode To Freedom - 10/10

    Pop perfection.
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  2. 9 of the songs have debuted in the U.K. Spotify 200, and 7 in the Global top 200.
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  3. If you listen to ABBA in a casual, drunk Friday night or 80s party kind of way, like people listen to Ed Sheeran for example, and if you think songs like Mamma Mia or Dancing Queen are chirpy singalong tunes to mimic drunkenly to at an over-30s party then you will probably be disappointed with this album.. but if you get the profound genius that lies beneath the first layer of fluff of even the simplest ABBA song, the unique mix of euphoria and melancholia, of joy and sadness inherent in every single piece of music ABBA have ever created then this album is a masterpiece of unprecedented proportions, and the only piece of work they could create after all these years and their musical and personal histories.
  4. Still holding up in the charts too -

    iTunes #1
    Apple Music #2
    Amazon physicals #1, 5, 8 and 10
  5. I used to have such respect for you
  6. Apparently it's outsold Ed already?
  7. YEEESS.
    Whats the source?
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  8. Somebody on Buzzjack has connections. Honestly it's not a shock if their preorders were 110k, but still exciting.
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  9. Indeed. I wonder how first week sales will look. Ed hit #1 with 139,000 sales.

    I also wonder how the album will fair after week 1, as Adele will inevitably knock them off the top spot.

    what’s also exciting is that they’re on course for their first ever US top 10 album.
  10. With Christmas, the album all being well, should have good staying power.
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  11. Anybody getting 'The Piper' vibes on 'When You Danced With Me'?
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  12. The last minute of Keep An Eye On Dan just made me cry. Which is weird for an uptempo track.

    But this is exactly how I would imagine Abba to sound like in 2021. And we can delete the „would“ cause this IS what they sound like in 2021.

    And then the SOS end. This song kills me.
  13. I’m getting “The Piper” and “Arrival”. And the effect used on the vocal to give that echoey atmospheric quality is very “I’m A Marionette”
  14. Yesterday I was playing Keeping An On Dan nonstop. I’m gagged at how ABBA made domestic divorce drama a disco banger!
  15. Mamma Mia 3 is going to be a Christmas movie about a divorced couple, isn't it? Half of Voyage could be written for it!!
  16. I’ve messed around with the running order a little bit. If you close side A with “Little Things” and open side B with “Don’t Shut Me Down” it works so well

    I Still Have Faith In You
    When You Danced With Me
    Just A Notion
    I Can Be That Woman
    Little Things

    Don’t Shut Me Down
    Keep An Eye On Dan
    No Doubt About It
    Ode To Freedom
  17. I’m still only able to listen via cheap ass headphones for now so am struggling to get the full depth of Ode to Frida-om - but can’t wait to crank it on real speakers at home - the vocals sound like either Frida is singing lower than usual at the forefront, or it’s the men and she and Aggz are tackling the sub-operatic high end?
  18. Decided I would rank Voyage in order from my favourite to least as follows:
    I Still Have Faith In You
    Keep Am Eye On Dan
    When You Danced With Me
    Don't Shut Me Down
    No Doubt About It
    Little Things
    Just A Notion
    Ode To Freedom
    I Can Be That Woman
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  19. 'Voyage' will probably just sell around 450k in total in the UK (with heavy frontloaded sales), but I'm mighty proud of ABBA for performing like this! AMAZING!
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  20. This is correct.
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