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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Thank you.
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  2. Look at their most played on Spotify. You're being obtuse. Most of the best known/best loved ABBA songs are up/danceable midtempo.
  3. Wasn't it said that the show only had 2 new songs which I would assume would be "I still have faith" and "Don't shut me down".
  4. So, my ranking:

    1 Don't Shut Me Down
    2 When You Danced With Me
    3 Keep An Eye On Dan
    4 I Still Have Faith In You
    5 I Can Be That Woman
    6 Just A Notion
    7 No Doubt About It
    8 Ode To Freedom
    9 Bumblebee
    10 Little Things

    A top 5 of excellence, 6 and 7 are solid midtier, the others are great too but didn't hit me as much as the rest.
  5. I think it's reverse to Just a Notion - Frida's leading the choir and Agnetha is a bit more buried in the mix, so that her voice somehow gloats around Frida's, creating quite a unique effect. I love it.
  6. “I Can Be That Woman” is so clever. It’s one of those ABBA songs that you can picture the scene happening in your head.

    During the first verse, you feel that the woman is the victim. But in the second, she’s reflecting on the role that she has also played in this situation. They are both victims of each other’s bad behaviours - he’s violent, she’s an alcoholic. And she’s reached her limit and is saying to this man “this has to stop - I’m not going to be that woman anymore”. Both characters are to blame, but she’s calling time on that negative pattern they’re in.
  7. Can anyone list which songs/parts of songs each lady sings? There’s been some debate!
  8. Absolutely. Genius songwriting. And after the dramatic opening lyrics, the little humour at the start with the realisation that Tammy is a dog and not a woman. This song has everything.
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  9. According to Buzzjack this has sold 92k yesterday - odd that it’s lower than the reported preorders. It also won’t include any streaming yet. Also with Ed last week, HMV hadn’t reported their Friday numbers so it may be missing some physicals too.
  10. Just a Notion
    Don't Shut Me Down
    Keep an Eye on Dan
    When You Danced With Me
    I Still Have Faith In You
    No Doubt About It
    Ode to Freedom
    I Can Be that Woman
    Little Things

    for me, but I'm really happy with it overall. The top three tracks alone feel like such a gift 40 years on.
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  11. this is the best review for me yet, by Pete Paphides..such beautiful words
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  12. iSHFIY - Frida lead, Agnetha back up, all 4 on the “we do have it in us…” parts.
    Bjorn also has a backing vocal.

    When You Danced With Me - Agnetha & Frida together

    Little Things - Frida sings the lower part, Agnetha sings the higher part.

    Don’t Shut Me Down - Agnetha sings the verses, both sing the chorus.

    Just A Notion - all 4 sing the verses, Frida & Agnetha on the chorus. Agnetha sings the higher part.

    I Can Be That Woman - Agnetha lead, Frida on backing

    Keep An Eye On Dan - Agnetha sings the verses, Agnetha & Frida sing the bridge and chorus together. I think the boys might be on the chorus too.

    Bumblebee - Frida solo, with a Agnetha backing as the song builds (like on “Put On Your White Sombrero”)

    No Doubt About It - Frida on the verses, all 4 on the chorus but with a Frida lead.

    Ode To Freedom - Frida & Agnetha

    Both ladies sing on all songs. Some of the parts where the vocals are “bigger” is all 4. Frida’s voice is more dominant across a lot of the album. Agnetha’s voice is lower than it was and therefore our brains don’t naturally focus on her higher pitch like we would on an older ABBA track. Also I think Frida has far more vocal control than Agnetha in their older years.
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  13. I'm guessing the fire has delayed some shipments.
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  14. I'm still waiting Amazon send me the vinyl.

  15. After non stop playing for the last day and a bit, my ranking:
    Don't Shut Me Down (Favourite)
    When You Danced With Me
    Just a Notion
    Keep an Eye on Dan
    No Doubt About It
    I Still Have Faith In You
    I Can Be that Woman
    Ode to Freedom
    Little Things (Least favourite)
  16. Aww this is perfect. Thanks!
  17. My HMV vinyl won’t ship until Nov 12 and there’s no update on my order on official store. Still pending. They fucked up some of the first week sale for sure.
  18. I actually really like Bumblebee, not sorry.
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  19. Do you have a HMV near you? They had quite a lot in stock today.
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