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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Imagine Frida being your grandma!!!
  2. Frida on lead vocals would have been incredible but oh well!
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  3. nooo. Agnetha on the first verse, Frida on the second verse and both on the choruses. Then all 4 on the final chorus to get that BIG ABBA sound
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  4. Be careful what you wish for.
  5. Ohhh!
  6. Yeah, it works really well.
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  7. Voyage still seems to be hanging in there with sales. It’s kept it’s iTunes #1 spot and Amazon #1 on physical sales and Apple Music #3 on streaming. Shame it doesn’t seem to be fairing as well on Spotify.

    Hopefully the official store will get their finger out with everyone’s pre-orders and get those first week sales figures to what they actually should be.

    I know I shouldn’t care about the charts particularly but they deserve to bow out at the top.

    To be fair, the album could’ve been an absolute piece of trash and I’d still be happy to see ABBA kick vile Ed Sheeran’s wretched unwashed talentless overplayed ass off the top of the charts!
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  8. He's also announced a Christmas single now. A duet with Elton. No doubt it'll be #1, but how I wish Little Things was there instead.
  9. do you know what I dislike more than children’s choirs on Christmas songs?

    Ed. Fucking. Sheeran. On. Christmas. Songs.

    That is my hell right there.

    I’m sure he’s a perfectly pleasant individual but his music has been inescapable this year. If I hear Smalltown Boy AHEM COUGH CHOKE sorry I mean Bad Habits ever again, I will rip my own ears off just to have something to throw at the stereo. He’s also unbelievably smug and slimey. And he probably still wears Lynx Africa.

    Jesus Christ, come on ABBA, nail the bastard.
  10. Definitely a Frida lead. A Fread.

    It’s the descendant of Our Last Summer and I Let the Music Speak.
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  11. The album is very classic ABBA, and in every right way. Little Things was a bit naff on first listen, but it might grow on me. I Can Be That Woman sits along nicely with a lot of their classics.
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  12. I actually think ‘I Still Have Faith in You’ would have made for a great Christmas single.

    They could have just released the 1 single to begin with (Don’t Shut Me Down) and then pushed the album release to early December with ‘I Still Have Faith in You’ as the lead.

    ‘Keep An Eye on Dan’ or ‘No Doubt About It’ as a 3rd single. Job done.
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  13. NO
  14. I don’t know why they did two tracks as the first ‘single’ - would’ve been better to keep one for discovery on the album
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  15. No doubt about it for sure as the next single. I think the charts clearly reflected that people, fans and non fans, preferred the upbeat ABBA stuff.
  16. probably because those were the 2 tracks first announced in 2018, maybe they felt they had to honour the announcement, especially as we’ve been waiting for so long
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  17. I know that they are not going to release anymore after Voyage.
    Yet now giving it a few listens, I'm already hungry for more. They really can not tease us this way. Come on Abba you know it makes sense!
  18. Imagine they made one last music video together.
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  19. Ain’t it the truth.

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