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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I’ve just realized we’re actually looking at ABBA’s debut in the top ten on the Billboard Top 200. I was thinking it would be amazing if it were to happen back when the album was announced, but I was realistically thinking it wouldn’t quite make it. It’s all like a fever dream. Much like a lot of people here, Little Things is the only track that isn’t quite up to the standard of the rest, but it’s a nice little song anyway. The rest of the album is…just amazing. It keeps getting better with each listen.
  2. Little Things is utterly gorgeous and more than deserving of its place on the album.
  3. This album is the perfect round up of sounds ABBA have dipped into over the last 40 years and it's clear it's a closing chapter for them which is sad but also what an incredible career and way to thank the fans.
  4. I hate Christmas music and I hate children’s choir on pop songs but I do really, really like Little Things. She’s a cute girl.
  5. Yeah, Little Things do not reach the highs of the other songs for me but it doesn't take anything away from the album. I understand its place, it makes sense to have a cozy, sweet song before the more intense ones, this is ABBA after all, we had Chiquitita and I Have a Dream on Voulez-Vous and Head Over Heels and Two for the Price of One on The Visitors, Little Things isn't even close to being as jarring.
  6. I think the album is okay. The first 3 songs that were released are the strongest.

    I think the vocals are good, but to me they sound badly produced on some songs and the mixing sounds murky - which is not something I have noticed on any ABBA albums before.
  7. They didn’t work with their usual sound engineer that did all their previous albums
  8. That is a shame, because I love songs like Keep an Eye on Dan and No Doubt About It but the mixing isn't up to their usual high standards.
  9. For what I read, Michael Tretow had a stroke in 2001 and has never been quite the same since then (lost speech, physical disability). I assume if his health allowed he would have been involved in everything.
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  10. I think Little Things is possibly there to appeal to the very young or the very old ABBA fans. Their fans aren't just 30/40 year old gays wanting bops, so you can't expect them to just cater to that market. I'm sure many will really love Little Things and they no doubt (about it) want to reach as many people as possible with this new music.
  11. Anyone ordered from official store got their vinyl despatched yet? Mine is just dead silence with no update whatsoever. Some people got the apology and download code but I got nothing.
  12. I got my picture disc on Friday.
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  13. Yes, this is a very good way of summing it up I think.
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  14. I'd recommend the spatial audio version on Apple Music. It sounds incredible!
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  15. Björn and Benny were doing promo on German tv last Saturday . I know this is not for everyone, but I love it!

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  16. Just a Notion sounds incredibly muffled to me, like I can barely hear some of the vocals. But I've had that recently on another Atmos release and wondering if it's that
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  17. Same here. It was a separate order though. No sign of my main order yet (green vinyl and deluxe CD box) but I did get the apology email with download code. Guessing that if your order includes any of the non-picture disc vinyl issues, the whole lot is delayed.

    In HMV on Friday, they only had their exclusive yellow vinyl in alternative artwork. Not seen the standard black vinyl anywhere.
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  18. My local HMV only had one vinyl copy- black vinyl- when I called in today. So they either sold out of the exclusive artwork or didn’t stock it. No alternate artwork CDs either.
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  19. Here in the US, Barnes & Noble had one copy of the black, and Newbury Comics had three copies of the blue and two of the black.
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