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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I should hate Little Things but whenever it comes on I like it a little bit more.. maybe it’s because I know that after the children choir Agnetha is sitting on a bank plucking up the courage to see her ex .. or maybe it’s the way the melody twists and curls sounding ever so familiar and also unexpected at the same time .. or maybe it’s the gorgeous voices singing these words so completely without irony or sarcasm or cynicism that it feels like belonging to another century.. in any case I like it so much more than I have a dream , which is one of the few ABBA songs that I never warmed up to
  2. Little Things is the bets song on the album teebs.
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  3. My official store order arrived and all 4 variants are damaged…

    I feel at this stage I just want a refund.
  4. How were they packed? I worry for mine...
  5. And mine. Oh dear. They really have f****d it up. Likewise I think I might try for a refund if mine are damaged, particularly as my order includes the now sold out green vinyl (that seemed like a good idea at the time but actually doesn’t look as good as most of the others).
  6. Mine were packed in standard vinyl cardboard and weren’t damaged so hopefully not people won’t have a problem.
  7. FRIDA PROMO!!!!
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  8. Badly. Just a standard mailer all squashed on top of eachother.
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  9. It’s not the highest ever, but it’s the fastest selling vinyl album released since 1994 (the earliest year that Official Charts Company data tends to cover). Which is still extremely impressive, of course!
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  10. It's wonderful and probably my favourite. Frida's vocals are so strong and you can absolutely see her in her garden when you listen to it. It's really moving.
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  11. Mine is damaged…. Vinyl sleeve has a crush on one corner, and there’s a rip on the top seam of the side with the vinyl in. Not all the way through, but in the artwork. I will be sending back unopened.

    However, the deluxe CD box looks OK.
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  12. My deluxe box from Amazon was damaged. I requested another.

    Still waiting on that store bulk order.

    A single separate pic disc arrived from the store fine.
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  13. Amazon are terrible for that, some of my ABBA deluxe CD/DVDs arrived damaged, as did my Kate Bush Before The Dawn CD.
  14. Not sure about yours, but I don’t think mine was caused in transit. I’ve checked the cardboard packaging it came in and it’s adequate enough. No sign of a crush (the style of packaging wouldn’t enable a corner crush) so I’m fairly certain mine was sent out like that. Not acceptable at all.
  15. Had the in-car experience - it was amazing. The strings on Ode to Fridadom felt like flying.

    I'm spanking No Doubt About It so hard, we may have to declare that we're in a BDSM-centered relationship together.
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  16. I'm still waiting a response on why my Deluxe Box was missing.
    Official Stores are generally crap aren't they?

    Still Abba number one album. What a time to be alive!
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  17. Amazon UK once shipped my Sophie Kitchen Disco vinyl in a plastic envelope. When it came the record looked like somebody just dug it out of the garbage.
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  18. Indeed, it will grow even more steadily over time. What an head start!
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  19. I fully expect it’ll even return to #1 when the London shows kick off next year.
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  20. If “Voyage” doesn’t, its inevitable repacking with “Gold” will.
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