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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

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  2. That's quite a good idea actually, never thought of doing that.
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  3. I fucking love Frida. I absolutely love her.

    To lose her mother as a baby and then her own daughter and continue to find and provide joy the way she does, she is pure class.
  4. Chart update:

    1 ABBA - Voyage (181,712) *
    2 Ed Sheeran - = (33,664)
    3 James Arthur - It'll All Make Sense in the End (10,983) *
    4 Radiohead - Kid A Mnesia (9,637) *
    5 Summer Walker - Still Over It (6,491) *
  5. sharing here because I’m doubly outraged about the extra filth that came with my standard black LP
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  6. I know it’s being greedy, but imagine if it hit 200k by the final chart…
  7. If it does, I will be positively giddy

    And smug that they obliterated Ed.
  8. I bought a copy with an alternative cover yesterday. Gonna give it a proper listen this week.
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  9. I hated Little Things upon first listen.

    But oh my god, why am I now getting emotional listening to it?

    I'm totally not the kind of person who even likes that twee, saccharine stuff. But its so nostalgic-sounding. It sounds like one of those Xmas songs from the 70's & 80's that you hear in every shop from October onwards. The choir part I swear to god is from bloody Mistletoe & Wine or something.
  10. Because it’s bleedin’ gorrrrgeous.
  11. It's practically guaranteed to. I think it could finish about 210k.
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  12. It's the children's choir that puts the nail in the coffin for me - I went from "this is really sappy" when it started, to "oh wait no it's actually really pretty too" by the second verse, then "never mind this is so saccharine it makes my teeth hurt" when the kids came on. I don't mind the occasional dose of schmaltz (and,'s ABBA, generally they do that very well) but Little Things kind of pushes it into overdrive.
  13. I've only listened to the album once so far, hungover and exhausted, and the last bit of Little Things fucking CHOKED me.
  14. At least you figured it out by the end of your post.

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  15. I've had an email back from Australian store. Apparently, my order was accidentally cancelled because they were refunding the digital album component of the order as copyright restrictions prevent them from selling the digital album to New Zealand. They've given me a code for free shipping instead and said to re-order.

    Would be nice to re-order, but what I want isn't there anymore and the new green and gold vinyl won't ship outside Australia. I think I might just pre-order the green vinyl instead.

    Anyway, I adore the album, I've listened for a second time today. Little Things is a little out of place but had given me the festive feels and I want to put my tree up now!

    Do we know who Dan is? Becasue I have a vision and it's decidedly feline! The ultimate crazy cat person anthem.
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  16. If I may be controversial yet brave: Don't Shut Me Down deserved the full "comeback single spotlight" over I Still Have Faith In You. The latter isn't necessarily bad, but pales in comparison for me!
  17. Just received a reply from official store about my order basically saying “we ship it when we ship it”. Not even a sorry for the delay or anything or estimate shipping date… man their service is bad.
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  18. I sent a chaser e-mail though the Voyage website yesterday and I have now finally had a dispatch notification
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