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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I wish A*Teens had had a crack at J*st L*ke Th*t. I suspect that would have been the definitive poppers o'clock version.
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  2. This version kinda goes off a little, but it's based on the Gemini take:

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  3. I love Queen Frida slamming those sour journalists with class and grace.!
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  4. This slaps! (and the guy is really cute). Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
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  6. And starting the interview “we’re on our island in the mediterranean”. Incredible.

    Edit: please tell me I didn’t pick her up wrong? Too good.
  7. Irish charts:

    #1 Voyage
    #6 Gold (its 669th week on the albums chart)
    #55 More Gold

    #39 Don't Shut Me Down
    #43 When You Danced With Me
    #47 I Still Have Faith In You
  8. #1 in Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, Norway

    #4 in Japan, with Voyage+Gold boxset at #16

    #23 in Lithuania….

  9. Frida giggling at Ed's misfortune. I stan it.
  10. An actual pop justice. We love to see it.

    I wonder if they'll hold on for another week. I'm not sure how big a deal Taylor's re-recordings are.
  11. You just know Ed is FUMING.

  12. It’s what she deserves etc etc
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  13. It’s great that they got their 10th number one album, and it’s even better to know that it wasn’t even a close contest!
  14. They turned the German charts upside down:

    - more than 200.000 units sold
    - most successful album in 2.5 years
    - most successful album of an international act in 6 years
    - Voyage has sold more copies than all the other albums together
    - Voyage is at #1 on the album charts 2021 right now (after one week)
    - Don't Shut Me Down (#28), I Still Have Faith In You (#37) and Just a Notion (#55) are back in the single charts.
  15. This is ...kinda how I'd like them to grow old(er)

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  16. Insane numbers, bloody brilliant!
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  17. Ed Sheeran: the only competition I need to worry about is Adele
    Agnetha: guuuuurrrll.
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