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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I agree, I don’t think there will be a deluxe version. However I can see maybe a song released during the abbatar show lifecycle.This has probably all been planned already.

    Great that A is picking up some more sales. Agnetha’s voice had changed from My Colouring Book to A (8 years) so it’s no surprise that 9 years later it has changed again. There was also audible auto tune on A which probably makes the change between then and Voyage seem more significant than it might be.
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  2. I have a theory, which I’m sure many of us here have said, that for the show, that they filmed more songs that we know about so they can revamp the show every so often. Like others have recently posted, it’ll keep people going to the show and have something new to see.
  3. They've probably filmed lots of performances that they can easily slip in at different times (pretty sure Happy New Year and Little Things have been recorded for some of the festive period shows).
  4. Little Things, has become my favourite ballad of the album. It's quite charming I think.
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  5. I wonder if the ABBAtar show will get recorded for a DVD/Blu-ray release or if that would even work?
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  6. It'd probably eat into ticket sales so maybe not for a while.
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  7. Are Agnetha and Frida's solo work worth delving into then?
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  8. This one needs a vinyl reissue.
  9. possibly Happy New Year but no to Little Things. B&B already confirmed only 2 songs were finished when they did the motion capture performances
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  10. Frida’s “Ensam” album is great and her 2 80’s solo albums are pretty solid.

    I’m not as familiar with Agnetha’s Swedish albums, but if her 3 80’s solo releases, there’s probably 1 solid album between all 3 of them. Some great tracks though. “A” is a really good album.
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  11. The One Who Loves You Now is a marvellous mid tempo bop!
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  12. Dance Your Pain Away by Agnetha is a bop as well, especially the Cahill Mix Edit.
  13. I really like “Perfume In The Breeze” and “Bubble” too
  14. Oh yes, this is truly good. The song am familiar with the most from A.
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  15. Frida: Shine, Twist In The Dark
    Agnetha: I Won't Let You Go, Shame

    Are my 4 personal highlights of the 80's solo time.
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  16. Frida:

    Tell Me It’s Over
    I Know There’s Something Going On
    I See Red
    One Little Lie
    Twist In The Dark


    Can’t Shake Loose
    Once Burned Twice Shy
    Wrap Your Arms Around Me
    One Way Love
    I Won’t Let You Go
    Eyes of a Woman
    The Last Time
  17. Also….THIS

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  18. Frida: I See Red, I Know Something’s Going One, All of Shine.

    Agnetha: Can’t Shake Loose, I Won’t Let You Go, We Got A Way, If I Ever Thought I’d Change Your Mind (Almighty Mix), The One Who Loves You Now.
  19. Wrap Your Arms Around Me and Somethings Going On are both solid albums.

    Contrary to popular opinion, I find everything else from the 80’s hit and miss.

    Frida sounds amazing on Shine and the production is bright, but there are some poor songs on there. Heart of the Country, Come to Me and Chemistry Tonight all leave me cold.

    Eyes of a Woman has some good songs. I really like about half of them and there aren’t any major clunkers. However I don’t think Agnetha makes use of her full range, the backing singers are a bit overwhelming and the whole thing sounds a bit drab.

    I Stand Alone is better and I like the singles a lot, but the rest is average.

    what are people’s opinions on the Gemini albums? I find Karin Glenmark’s voice a bit reedy and shrill to make them satisfying albums.
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