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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. This is quite easily my favourite Agnetha record. Her vocals are exquisite on many of the tracks. This needs a vinyl reissue like the earlier two received.
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  2. Haha yes with that exception maybe….
  3. this is truly gorgeous, and Frida's so beautiful in this clip
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  4. I think it's worth pointing out that Abba are aged between 71 and 76 years old and aren't going to be on this Earth to be writing and recording multiple new albums and performances every few years... They wanted to do one last hurrah, they've done it. Everyone deserves to retire at some point. They don't owe anyone anything and have nothing left to prove.

    I wouldn't want to be that person who in a few years time wishes they appreciated Voyage while the band were alive, instead of spending this time undermining their decision to not include Just Like That, or spending this time wanting more albums and more performances and more and more and more...
  5. I don’t think Benny & Bjorn will ever not be involved in music somehow. Bjorn does a lot of the business side of looking after ABBA’s back catalogue and Benny has been continuously involved in music for years; he’s never stopped.

    I honestly think the boys will keep going as long as they can.
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  6. Whilst this is all very true... Freda and Agnetha have both apparently expressed interest in doing more, which is where I think many of the comments about more music/albums stems from. Not just pure greed from fans.
  7. Dddddd...

    1982: ABBA stop recording together.

    -39 years pass-

    ABBA release long awaited never-thought-it-would-happen new music.

    -9 days later-

    Fans: "When will there be more!?"
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  8. First Steps and now Abba delight me with a little poster of the cover artwork in with the CD. This is to be encouraged.

    Also, Voyage is a rather lovely album. Even if my pre-order was delayed.
  9. After a million listens to the album, I can now rank the tracks:

    1. Don't Shut Me Down
    2. Ode To Frida, sorry, Freedom
    3. I Still Have Faith In You
    4. Keep An Eye On Dan
    5. When You Danced With Me
    6. Just A Notion
    7. Little Things
    8. No Doubt About It
    9. I Can Be That Woman
    10. Bumblebee

    Such a beautiful album!
  10. I’m a little surprised at the staying power of this album on the iTunes chart in the US. It was a solid #1 for the majority of the week, minus Friday when it slipped to #15 at the lowest, but since Saturday morning it snuck back in to the top ten at #9 and has been sitting at #10 since.
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  11. Where did it end up charting in the US?
  12. They haven’t published the chart yet, I think it’s Tuesday or Wednesday.
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  13. I think you must have replied to my comment before reading it. Being involved in the business side of Abba or being in the music industry != Abba recording and releasing more albums. Benny and Bjorn continuing to work in music after the last Abba album is common knowledge, this isn't news.
  14. The UK’s 10 biggest selling albums of 2021 so far:

    1 354,500 Olivia Rodrigo Sour

    2 210,250 Dua Lipa Future Nostalgia

    3 204,000 Abba Voyage

    4 194,000 Queen Greatest Hits

    5 186,750 Ed Sheeran =

    6 176,250 Ed Sheeran ÷

    7 175,000 Dave We're All Alone In This Together

    8 169,750 Fleetwood Mac 50 Years: Don't Stop

    9 166,250 Elton John Diamonds

    10 164,000 Weeknd Highlights
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  15. my gosh, who keeps buying that!? I think literally every house must have it now.
  16. I'm listening to the album now and Little Things is horrendous sksksk I wasn't ready. Thankfully When You Danced With Me is amazing. Lemme hear the rest now.
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  17. The thumbnail of this makes me smile every time it comes up in my YouTube sidebar. It looks like Frida and Agnetha filmed their scene in selfie mode with Frida holding the phone! Truly ahead of their time queens!

  18. I’m growing more obsessed with this album by the day.
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