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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. The song is sublime though.
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  2. It’s a nice song, it just doesn’t scream christmas hit single! I guess it will make it onto all the streaming Christmas playlists so might make it into the chart.
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  3. Is it?
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  4. Happy New Year remains unbothered.
  5. Love them more than life itself but Little Things...?
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  6. I guess better this Christmas song than them releasing a song with Ed Sheeran. My anxiety levels went up when I saw Ed in a video with Benny on Insta.
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  7. Yes!
  8. Like it would be hard to be better than whatever the “song” is.
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  9. What's with these 1 track CD singles? So pointless. Could at least stick an instrumental version on there
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  10. They’re just souvenirs for fans, they don’t really serve any other purpose.
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  11. They missed a trick not releasing it for charity.
  12. The next single Little Things
    will have a musicvideo.
  13. Haha, yeah every house on the planet has two pieces of Sweden in it - an IKEA shelf/bed/couch, and ABBA Gold!
  14. Leave 'Little Things' alone!!
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  15. Back on top in the latest midweeks!

    1 ABBA 28.3k
    2 Taylor 27.2k
    3 Little Mix 26.7k
    4 Ed Sheeran 19.4K
    5 Rod 15.5k
    6 Wanted
    7 Idles
    8 Damon
    9 Kylie
    10 Silk Sonic
  16. damn it I need to buy another 10 copies to keep them at the top!
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  17. Taylor will be back at the top in the end with the streaming numbers but the way ABBA give Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift - 2 biggest popstars of this generation - a run for the money!! Screammmm!
  18. Yeah, the streaming will knock them down but that's still good sales for a 2nd week, considering how much it sold last week.
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  19. How on Earth has Queesn Greatest Hits sold that much this year?
    Like, apart from Greatest Hits Pt2 being better, I don't understand.
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  20. How many have you got? I bought my seventh on Sunday and am trying for an eighth. Mostly vinyl, just two CD editions.
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