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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I knew it. Little Things is gonna be one of those songs that Benny & Bjorn inexplicably love, like I Have A Dream or Thank You For The Music. I don’t dislike it but I still think it’s the weak point on the album.
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  2. Perhaps I should stop eating too then, as there’s much more plastic and card in food packaging these days than one tiny CD single.

    Hopefully you never buy water in plastic bottles or coffee in disposable cups. At least a CD single is not single-use and won’t be thrown away/recycled.
  3. I can not understand the hate for Little Things, I absolutely love it! Great to get another CD single as well from this album, although I can´t order it yet (UK only).

    Can anyone comment on the sound quality of the regular black vinyl? I bought the colored Fnac version and the sound is not great. Still waiting for the orange one from Amazon but since colored vinyl sometimes sounds worse than regular black I was wondering if that was the case with this album?
  4. I keep finding myself humming Little Things. It is certainly catchy.
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  5. Little Things getting a festive CD single and a video? Little Things fans unite! I hope it becomes a classic that gets played for years and years.
  6. my black vinyl sounds better than the coloured one, but it was absolutely FILTHY when it arrived and popped, clicked and jumped all over the place. I had to run it through my spin clean.
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  7. The fanclub has it on pre-order, too
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  8. I tried to order the Little Things CD but it says the item doesn’t ship to the US from their store. I hope I can get it somewhere else, I really want this.
  9. The previous singles became available on some Amazon sites. I ordered the first two from the US Abba store and Just A Notion from Amazon Germany. There is also always Discogs or e-bay, so I´m sure you will be able to get a copy.
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  10. Today, the two missing items from the official Dutch store finally arrived. Lovely to own Voyage on vinyl now, too.
  11. Little Things CD single now up for pre-order on Amazon France and Germany.

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  12. Little Things, is still my favourite ballad on the album.
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  13. Taylor suddenly pulled WAY ahead in the latest midweeks...

    1 Taylor Swift - Red (Taylor's Version) (58,967) [45,028 physical, 9,989 streaming sales, 3,950 downloads] *
    2 ABBA - Voyage (33,679)
    3 Little Mix - Between Us (28,868) *
    4 Ed Sheeran - = (23,582)
    5 Rod Stewart - The Tears of Hercules (17,089) *
  14. How did she manage that!?
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  15. Mountains of physicals beb. Like ABBA last week.
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  16. Taylor will likely tumble next week but ABBA will probably remain consistent.
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  17. She put on sale 30K signed CDs. And you read that right 30K SIGNED CDs.
  18. Which is the main thing in the long run.
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  19. 30k all personally signed? If that is true then kudos to her…
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  20. SBK


    She must have been signing for weeks. I bet by the end she was just scribbling a line over them.
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