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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. “We regret to inform fans that Taylor Swifts tour is delayed as Taylor has repetitive strain injury from signing 30,000 CD’s”
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  2. I bet it was her team signing it
  3. No Doubt About It being the least streamed song is pure homophobia.

    The melody! The mixing! That no one chorus has the same lyrics as any other!
  4. absolutely horrible! It sounds like it was recorded on a potato.

    Low key perhaps my least fave on the album. The verses have some really rough vocals too that I cannot fuck with.
  5. True, she was the queen of criminal knitwear after all

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  6. Let's not sit here and make fun of Taylor Swift when ABBA also put out about 20 physical variants to secure a first-week #1.
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  7. I actually might get those baubles.
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  8. I'm sorry to be the one to spill this tea (or at least peppermint tisane) but Allie X's Little Things is better than ABBA's Little Things.

    No it's true it's true.
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  9. There was exactly that, a 2009 compilation “Absolute Greatest” which contained 20 Queen hits across their entire career. For whatever reason, it’s out of print and no longer on digital. I guess it’s to deliberately prolong the sales of the original Greatest Hits and make it the record breaking album it continues to be.

    For the same reason, I can’t see their ever being another ABBA hits compilation, we’ll instead get new editions / formats of Gold and More Gold.
  10. ABBA haven't been shy of issuing other hits compilations, notably the Definitive Collection (later repackaged and reissued in 2014 as the Essential Collection) - what annoys me is that we can't seem to get a vinyl repress of More Gold.
  11. Wonder if any songs from Voyage will end up on a Greatest Hits release in the future?
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  12. Let's just go with cold water dd
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  14. Why is it that Steps, Kylie and Abba threads love to try and tear down other artists.

    It’s RED season sorry girlies.
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  15. All fans deserve merchandise from their favorite artists boys and girls. EOD
  16. They're charging nearly a hundred quid for a fucking jumper? And an ugly one at that, I doubt it was intentional either. Everything associated with Little Things continues to be rancid.
  17. I realized why I don't like 'Little Things'. I find the song super creepy and haunting, and it does not help it's a Christmas song too (tacked on with children singing in the end). Forever passing on that one.
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