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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Surely 'I Still Have in You' and 'Don't Shut Me Down' would be included in any revised Greatest Hits. They certainly sound like classics.
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  2. I imagine we'll get some kind of Definitiver Collection or The Singles - The First Fifty Years or something in the future to capture the lot.
  3. I love the look of the Little Things cover and merch, but the choice of a black background is a little odd and off-putting, everything would look much nicer had it been against white.

    That said, I'm still thinking of buying the sweater ddd
  4. Just Like That: 50 Years of ABBA incoming 2022!
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  5. I bought it…and the socks…and the baubles.

    There’s no hope for me.
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  6. I am powerless to resist buying the baubles as we approach December.
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  7. I want the sweater so bad, as it's something you'll still wear in 20 years for the fuck of it, but £80? Is Frida knitting it for me?!!!!
  8. There is a Children in Need competition with a signed album and tickets to Voyage VIP opening night as prizes. Apparently opening night is now 26th May!! I’m hoping that’s just the press night as I will be very annoyed if 27th isn’t the official opening and the best chance of seeing ABBA in attendance. The tickets weren’t cheap.
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  9. In the Dutch album chart, Voyage is number one for the second week. Yes!
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  10. No.2 in the UK. Taylor got to no.1

    Still above Ed though, at no.3!
  11. Over 44k sold this week in the UK is a fantastic second week!

    Also, ABBA Gold was certified 20x Platinum today. 6 million in the UK alone!
  12. Amazing figures!

    Out of interest how much has More Gold sold?
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  13. ABBA proving once again their a force to be reckoned with.
  14. Wait!

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  15. Ed sheeran
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  16. I've played the album a few times since it's release. The first listen was OK. But I often need a second listen to really get into an album. Second listen was already better. I now think it's very solid. Even songs I didn't really like are growing on me (Just A Notion, Bumblebee).

    Highlights for me:
    - Keep An Eye On Dan
    - I Can Be That Woman
    - When You Danced With Me
    - No Doubt About It
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  17. My Japanese special edition with 2 DVDs came today. Nice package!


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  18. The Abba video of the person unwrapping their gift and it turns out to be the cd single of little things….i would be livid!!!! Bitch give me the album instead!
  19. But they’ve already bought all 48 variants of the album!

  20. £25 GBP for two Christmas baubles? Brb, remortgaging the apartment.
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