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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. The joy of ABBA!
  2. Yeah, this was my question. I can remember cassettes having those little skull/crossbones things in that said 'home taping is killing music' in them. It seemed all the not-rich kids traded tapes to record from one another, so even though the sales were in the gazillions, it must have caused a dent.
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  3. I used to use that logo on my homemade compilation tapes - teen me thinking I was being ironic…
  4. Tuesday UK midweeks

    1 Adele - 30 (61.1k)
    2 Westlife - Wild Dreams (33.0k)
    3 Ed Sheeran - = (21.2k)
    4 ABBA - Voyage (15.6k)
    5 Gary Barlow - The Dream of Christmas (15.4k)

    I love that it’s continuing to sell!
  5. The likes of Napster and Limewire started the decline. Streaming sealed its fate. Not that there’s really much difference between the two apart from one pays the artists, even if it is £0.00003 per stream.
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  6. What on earth is this.
  7. The apocalypse
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  8. You really don't want to know.
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  9. A picture says more than a 1000 words...

  10. I love this
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  11. It's always so lovely to see the four of them together.
  12. Filming the new video perhaps?
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  13. I wonder if this is a recent picture? Is there currently snow in Stockholm? They are beaming!
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  14. There is I think - my BF said it’s -8c today.
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  15. This melts my heart. Those wonderful, wonderful people!
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  16. same! also, it’s so incredibly unexpected to see them together like this , absolutely beautiful
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  17. That photo is so me deranged, but looking on Google Maps, the building in the background looks like one that's near Benny's studio...

    Voyage: Deluxe Environmental Degradation Edition coming May 2022.
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  18. What an absolute joy that photo of all 4 them together is. So nice to see recent photos of them all together.
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  19. Uno


    Don't Shut Me Down being my most played song of 2021? When it's right, it's right!
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