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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. But why? Since when is sales=quality? Many will just see the success as proof that the people are stupid. The critics I know despise successful artists basically just because of their success. What fits many can’t be good et cetera.

    I am saying this is someone who likes the album.
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  2. I only remember seeing one negative review (in The Guardian), which amplified some of the album's shortcomings (bizarre lyrics and couplets here and there and Little Things in general); some others were kinda 6/10 write-ups, which I think is fair; I like the album, but it does have its flaws. I don't think anyone was under the illusion it wouldn't smash.

    I'm glad it's shown staying power though as the singles were all quick to exit the charts.
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  3. I expected staying power too just because it is the album that I see everywhere from book stores to grocery stores. People just pick it up whenever I guess.
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  4. I do think there were certain critics though that seemed to take the stance of hating the album before it had even been released, some definite snobbery afoot.
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  5. 40 years later and nothing has changed there then.
  6. I pity everyone who misses out on the sheer joy this album provides
  7. Me too. It’s a truly gorgeous album. I’m still in awe of their achievement!
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  8. Not that they ever really went away as such, but think I Still Have Faith In You, is one of the greatest comeback songs ever.
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  9. I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down already feel like classic ABBA tracks that could be placed anywhere on Gold and not feel out of place. In fact I think that Don’t Shut Me Down would sound heavenly sandwiched in between Lay All Your Love on Me and Super Trouper!
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  10. Yes, those feel like proper modern day ABBA classics. Keep An Eye On Dan too!!
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  11. Keep An Eye On Dan feels like an track from 1981/1982. It’s very much in the same vein as The Visitors, Should I Laugh Or Cry, The Day Before You Came and Under Attack. To me, as a late era stan, there is no higher praise!
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  12. I'd love it so much if I could get past some of the dodgy couplets. Same goes for Bumblebee and parts of I Can Be That Woman.

    It's odd that Bjorn can paint such amazing pictures with lyrics on one song and deliver a My First Poetry Slam entry on others.
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  13. You have just summed up why Keep An Eye On Dan is my favourite song on Voyage by far.
  14. Indeed, perfection all round!!
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  15. Bjorn has a new radio show on Apple Music! These artist-led shows are one of AM’s strengths for me so it’s great to see him join some of my other faves.

    From the email:

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  16. No Doubt About It has been serviced to UK radio today as a single
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  17. A true PopJustice! It’s a major bop!
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  18. Definitely a bonafide megabop!
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  19. Not Just A Notion growing on over the last few months to the point where I love it now!

    That intro remains horrific though! It’s so clunky!
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  20. It's one of my favourites from an immaculate album!
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