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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I don’t get why certain bands keep doing these lyric videos, so much effort goes into them and they’re never gonna get huge views, I’d rather watch the real videos.

    But I do wonder if the lyric videos they do will be set list songs? Random to start with Chiquita no?
  2. I think Chiquitita had been viral on TikTok recently, so they may have a number of them ready and might have just started with it to cash in on any potential views at the moment.
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  3. Chiquitita has one of the most boring videos*, so maybe they chose it based on that.

    *taped performances
  4. Boring?? Frida’s hair struggle is anything but that
  5. It was actually a video, but hastily made by the BBC while they were filming ABBA In Switzerland. ABBA’s management asked the BBC to make it, and they did so between rehearsals for the show.

    The lyric video is better than expected. I like the use of the pyramid design and the fact that they incorporate the BBC video. Loses marks though on not including the backing vocal lyrics, which would have been an interesting addition (for those that don’t already know them).
  6. I only just found that Benny and Bjorn's backing vocals in Keep An Eye On Dan are from the POV of Dan's father who, like the mother, was also hit by his feelings for the ex-spouse.

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  7. That’s correct. The backing vocal lyrics from Benny and Björn are:

    Seven on Sunday to get him,
    she must have lost some weight
    She looks better than ever
    Funny how it really takes me right back to our first date
    Have I lost her forever
    I'll keep an eye on my Dan
    I'm a loving man you know that I'll never upset him
    I'll keep an eye on my Dan
    And I won't forget you'll be here on Sunday to get him
    I'll keep an eye on my Dan
    I'm a loving man you know
    That I'll never upset him
    I'll keep an eye on my Dan
    And I won't forget
    You'll be here on Sunday to get him
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  8. Brand new image from the concert on this cover!

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  9. Bjorn looks a bit neanderthal man.
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  10. The concerts feel like such a distant memory dd
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  11. A Super Trouper... shoe?
  12. woof
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  13. Yes, Björn isn’t right, and neither is Agnetha. The other two look OK. I’ve noticed in a fair bit of the ABBA Tar footage we’ve seen that Agnetha isn’t quite right. Hair and face just aren’t quite accurate enough. In the alternate album artwork with the four ABBA Tars, she looks much more like the real Agnetha did.
  14. I've said it before and I'll say it again but if the Frida avatar doesn't have morphing hair to chronicle her follicle adventures during ABBA's heyday I'll be demanding a refund! I want the concert to end with her red spiky hairdo post-divorce. Iconic.
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  15. Obviously my true dream Abba setlist would be them playing 'The Visitors' from start to finish twice, and ending with me getting on the stage to be Benny & Bjorn for a final rendition of 'Two For the Price of One', but in lieu of that happening, this will have to do...

    My dream ABBA Voyage setlist.jpg
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  16. 20 songs doesn't feel quite enough.

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  17. Mine was in alphabetical order?
    My god it was so difficult!!

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  18. My dream ABBA Voyage setlist.jpg

    I tried to do a setlist that I think would please a lot of the GP, but also please me.
  19. Choosing my ultimate set list, is just way too hard-know I'd wouldn't get anything near it anyway ha ha!
  20. Mine too
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