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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

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  2. Noooooooooooooooooo
  3. I managed to have a quick read. Basically nothing new except:
    - Worries about how the audience will accept the band not being physically present
    - The show will be 100 minutes
    - Agnetha declined to participate in the interview dddd
    - Frida hasn’t seen the show but seemingly confirmed that she and Agnetha will be present at the premiere (?)
  4. I can’t believe how soon this is! I’ll be there on 27th!
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  5. What was this haha
  6. ?
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  7. They’ve deleted it now

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  8. Whichever agency runs the ABBA account probably runs the Sanditon one too.


  9. Back to tweets that the admin should've been posting ddd, the avatars actually look amazing
  10. Do you guys think that the show will be note-for-note exactly the same every single day?
  11. I have tickets to the second show so I will give y’all the tea
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  12. Ha thanks, but so do I!
  13. No. Ludvig has already confirmed they’ve done more than 22 songs so they can change the show up as it progresses.
  14. which show are you both at?

    I’ve got tickets for 27th May, first public performance. Though there is a fan club preview show the night before that I was offered a ticket to. Sadly my travel was already booked so I couldn’t make it.

    I’m also going the following Saturday - 3rd June. And again in August.
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  15. That's great to know.

    I'm going to the first matinee show, on the 28th. Tried my best for opening night, but there were only single tickets available, and as I'm taking a friend for his birthday it seemed a bit mean to buy that one for me and make him wait outside...

    I wanted to go to one of the first shows so I can avoid spoilers. I want it to all be completely new and to have no expectations.
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  16. I left my laptops running all night and sat in the ticket queue for a good 12 hours prior to the tickets going on sale. It was the only time I’ve ever done that and the only time I’ve ever been desperate to see opening night of anything. I was a tad disappointed when the fan club show was announced as it probably means the 4 won’t actually be there on the 27th. I’d just die happy having seen the 4 of them together. But I’m still excited to be seeing the show so early on. I’ll be sure to spoiler tag everything.
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  17. I can't believe I'm 26 days away from being at an ABBA gig. Never, ever though I'd see the day.
  18. I'm not getting to see this until October I think so will try and avoid videos and spoilers as I feel like it's the sort of experience you want to have for the first time in the venue and not having already seen footage from someones iPhone.
  19. This all looks like something seriously special. Looking forward to it!
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  20. I imagine they've recorded the extra songs to switch it up as a selling point months/years into the run, rather than switching up the setlist every night? In the way some Vegas acts do 'remixed'/revised versions of the shows to get people to see it again, with only 3 or 4 songs different. I imagine they've very much looked at this as a long term, even decades, running show, so can't see them changing things up in the set that quickly? I could be proven very wrong though!
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