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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. It’ll be the same show for months and months.
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  2. The latter dates are already not shifting – I've heard some tea that they're going to end up doing discounts for autumn/winter shows if they continue as it is – so unless the reviews and word of mouth are fantastic I can't see it lasting years without a lot of effort.

    The fact it's not in the West End and therefore much more of a hard sell to casuals and tourists is going to really hurt it after the initial burst, I think. Tourism here still hasn't recovered properly after covid and Susan from Ohio doesn't want to be messing around after dinner in Covent Garden to get the DLR east to a weird bit of town.
  3. They’re also getting some heat on social media for not actually being there in person. The "hologram concert" label is proving difficult to shake off.
  4. for how long does this have to run to break even ? I can’t actually imagine it not being absolutely fantastic seeing how much money and effort they have invested
  5. Let’s be honest this was always a ridiculous idea.
  6. Comments are held until I have seen it. I'm really looking forward to it. So far the quality looks quite good (more than just a hologram). I really hope Voyage The Show has legs!
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  7. I mean ignoring the specially built arena you could pretty much slap it anywhere. That's what will make some money.

    I think being so long since the album to concert hasn't helped.
  8. Is today the day I finally listen to this album? It very well might be.
  9. If the show has great word of mouth I'm sure the run will be extended. It all hangs on press reviews and audience reactions / whether or not it blows away expectations.
  10. Interest always dies down a little and after such a long time since the initial announcement it was to be expected. As mentioned, once the show actually opens and reviews come in and people start talking about it on social media etc. I've no doubt interest will be at an all-time high and people who were on the fence about purchasing a ticket will be buying.
  11. It literally is just a “hologram” show though isn’t it? I don’t see how it can be anything more than that. Projections, screens and live musicians, what else could it possibly offer?
    I’m not saying it won’t be a fun night out, but it’s no closer to seeing actual ABBA than watching YouTube clips at home.
  12. I think it’s going to be on another level to the Whitney ‘Hologram’ tour!
  13. This album was pretty nice, though "Little Things" is a straight up no. It's amazing how the classic sound is preserved. My favorite was "When You Danced With Me."
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  14. Exactly. I don't love the hologram tour idea for deceased artists anyway, but when all four of the band are still alive - not to mention stinking rich as it is - it all just seems a bit lazy and pointless.

    Still, if they are struggling to shift tickets beyond the first few weeks, at least that'll put Brian May off following suit in a few years.
  15. Personally I don’t really have any issues with it. The band are clearly never going to tour again, so it’s down to this or some naff tribute band. I think this is a much more elegant way. Unless of course it ends up looking awful…
  16. I'll wait until I've seen it, but I find it hard that all 4 members would've agreed to it if it was going to be a bit shit. They've always been so reluctant to do anything post-1982 together, and they don't need the money, so they must really feel it's worth attempting.

    I understand why they're reluctant to appear performing together as 70+-year-olds, but I think the concept might've been sold better if they did a video showing them singing as they are now and then morphing into their avatars - people then realising exactly why they aren't in the show themselves. Don't Shut Me Down would've been perfect for this.

    The best thing about it was them deciding to do new music, for which I'll always be grateful.
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  17. Heat on social media about something made clear from the outset, and the whole point of the show! Haha. Totally laughable but completely expected.
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  18. Lazy and pointless? Something that has put four 70+ years old to work for about 5 years and gave us new music that we thought we would never get?
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  19. And, before we’ve even seen the show. It’s the usual ‘shit on it before we’ve even seen a second of it’ approach. Let’s take away any hope and focus purely on the negatives, hooray!
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  20. I think that's a bit of a ridiculous statement. No offence but being in an arena, in that atmosphere, with the visuals they have spent money and time on and using modern technology to bring to life, the music... that alone will have a more sensory impact that won't come close to 'watching YouTube clips at home'.

    As stated already, they clearly won't tour again in person and it's an opportunity to have a 'moment' that you won't have anywhere else.

    I do think it will be one of those events that you have to actually be there and experience it to fully understand it. And it will take people actually going and experiencing it and then talking about it afterwards for some other people to get on board and want to go and see it. Word of mouth and reviews will have a great impact in getting more bums on seats just with any production. I can see why some would think it's a silly idea but a lot of things appear silly or pointless until you're actually there doing it and wrapped up in the experience of it all.

    I personally can't wait because I want to just go and have fun and experience the music and the visual with other ABBA fans and forget my problems for a few hours.
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