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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I’ll be in London during this, I’d be silly not to go. Just had a look at tickets and there’s a lot of ‘resale’ options. Are these reliable?
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  2. If on Ticketmaster, then yes. The resale works directly through ticketmaster. I’ve done it many times and experienced no hassle.
  3. Yes I just saw Little Mix 2 weeks ago with resale through Ticketmaster, very safe
  4. Apparently the Sunday People (page 8) review of Voyage has the entire setlist. Anyone seen it? Still subject to change before the actual shows start though.
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  5. are there any official reviews out yet ?
  6. Trying so hard to avoid all spoilers, but can't resist it either! Hope the show lives up to everything and more.
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  7. they’ll probably come over the weekend. Thursday is the official press night and fan club preview show.
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  8. The Sunday People setlist can’t be accurate. Only 17 songs and no mention of the reported opener. Unless non-singles have been missed out as wouldn’t mean anything to Sunday People readers.
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  9. what did they list, out of interest?
  10. A piano solo by Benny of God Save The Queen

    Knowing Me, Knowing You
    Mamma Mia
    Does Your Mother Know
    Lay All Your Love On Me
    Summer Night City
    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!
    When All Is Said And Done
    Don’t Shut Me Down
    I Still Have Faith In You
    Thank You For The Music
    Dancing Queen
    The Winner Takes It All

    Though not included in their setlist, the text in the review does mention that it opens with The Visitors, so that’s 18 tracks. I had wondered if the Sunday People had missed out album tracks as their readers wouldn’t have heard of them, but they did include When All Is Said And Done.
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  11. Thanks for that!

    If “When All Is Said And Done” is in the style of the Mamma Mia Pierce Brosnan monstrosity, I will cut a bitch.

    No mention of “Eagle”, which James Righton has confirmed was one of the first songs they rehearsed together.

    Notable absence of “Take A Chance On Me” too. That has to be in the set, surely?
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  12. When All Is Said And Done was a single in America, hence the video and No Hay A Quien Culpar was released in a lot of Spanish speaking countries

    If they mention The Visitors in their article which bumps it up to 18 songs then the 2 missing could be “Money Money Money and Super Trouper weren’t performed”
  13. I know it’s the Jubilee but… this strikes me as a very odd inclusion?
  14. Take A Chance On Me is missing? That’s has to be in the show, surely?
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  15. Just an important reminder…they’re still rehearsals. They could be full or partial shows. They could change the running order or swap songs out before Thursday. We already know they’ve recorded more of than the 22 songs in the initial set with the intention of changing it around. So despite the spoilers, anything could happen…
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  16. On the BMI Song Search, “Just Like That” has a song ID in sequence after the Voyage tracks:

    I Am The City - 28256272

    Put On Your White Sombrero - 39295051

    I Still Have Faith In You - 52351319
    When You Danced With Me - 52331822
    Little Things - 52409982
    Just A Notion - 52331337
    Don’t Shut Me Down - 52351171
    I Can Be That Woman - 52409795
    Keep An Eye On Dan - 52409909
    Bumblebee - 52409321
    No Doubt About It - 52410161
    Ode To Freedom - 52410190

    Just Like That - 52627594

    This would imply that Just Like That has been registered with BMI after the rest of “Voyage”.
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  17. Seems strange to have just been registered. Maybe they’ve finished it off?
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  18. Do not tell @Disco Blister !! He'll go crazy!
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  19. Ahhh true
  20. I will die of joy!!!
    Out of interest, does Dreamworld have a code

    i reordered the Voyage tracks in order of numbers and it suggests they had more tracks ready before Don’t Shut and I Still Have Faith
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