ABBA - Voyage

Anyone that was hoping it would end up on YouTube might be disappointed to learn:

"During your visit, you are welcome to take photos outside of the arena and inside the main arena concourse. However, to keep the contents of the concert a secret for future audiences, and to limit distraction for those around you, the taking of photographs or the use of audio or video recording of the concert is prohibited. So kindly put your phones and cameras away, help ABBA keep the mystery of Voyage alive, and please enjoy."

It will be like Before The Dawn all over again…

Good. There is nothing worse than being behind some idiot, or a sea of idiots with their phones out.

Before the Dawn was perfect.
I'm quite hypocritical because I moan about people using their phones at gigs but then once I'm there, in the excitement, I do like to take some pics and a video or two.

That said, I think there's a difference between filming a 30 sec clip and taking a few snaps of the artist on stage and those who feel the need to raise their phone for every song and record entire performances. The times I've ended up behind someone and had to watch the whole thing through their phone... But I suppose there's no way to limit that - it's either free rein to do as you please or try to restrict people.

I do try to limit it more nowadays as usually anything I take I don't spend much time looking back on and it's far better to just be in the moment than worry about getting your phone ready to record.
There will always be people who will just never be in a position to get to a show in person, but may well be super fans in their own right. It is really expensive when you count tickets, travel, hotels etc. That's just not even close to being a possibility for some, so fan videos are sometimes their only way of seeing shows. I don't see why it's an issue. As others have pointed out, it could work in their favour too.

Unless of course it looks really awful when filmed amateurly. The technology probably doesn't translate very well, so they're maybe just worried that it'll actually put people off.
I think if an artist/act confirms they will be professionally recording a show along the line then I can understand the need to stop people filming etc. I mean at the time seeing Kate Bush without people holding up phones was magical and really special, but then I also believed we were getting a DVD...
Agnetha seems a lot more comfortable talking. They look fantastic. I wish I could be there for this. What a moment. I knew I should have sold a kidney.

how do you think I feel? I got invited via the fan club but because we’d already booked for tomorrow night and trains, hotels and time off work was all sorted, I couldn’t go