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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.


    Setlist from 20th May rehearsal

    are you sure?

    I warned you
    The Visitors
    Hole In Your Soul
    Knowing Me, Knowing You
    Mamma Mia
    Does Your Mother Know
    Lay All Your Love On Me
    Summer Night City
    Voulez Vous
    When All Is Said and Done
    Gimme Gimme Gimme
    Thank You For The Music
    Don’t Shut Me Down
    I Still Have Faith In You
    Dancing Queen
    The Winner Takes It All
  2. In amongst actual royalty, the four of them just look so regal. Music history being made right now. Saturday can't come quick enough.
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  3. It looks incredible.

    I am having a meltdown that we're actually getting an ABBA performance of
    Lay All Your Love On Me
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  4. Uno


    Don't mean to ask a dumb question, but the vocals will be all live, right? I only ask because the SOS clip was set to the recording.
  5. the ABBA vocals are the original studio versions
  6. No, I asked that question before and they've confirmed that some songs will be the original studio vocals, and others will be from some of the past live recordings.
  7. they haven’t used any live vocals. Quite shocking, given how many they have in the vault - even the over dubs from ABBA The Movie would’ve been good.
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  8. Uno


    That is... wild. I thought they had re-sung all the songs for this; definitely disappointing to hear.
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  9. A lot of these are predictable of course, but the way each song is positioned in the set gives me all the feels. It makes sense. No confusing groupings happening here. These songs, thank you for the music indeed. What a one-two punch.
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  10. It’s a great set but I am honestly shaken by the absence of

    Super Trouper and Take A Chance On Me
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  11. They look so emotional.
  12. Profoundly bizarre to omit those.
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  13. But why would you want to hear their elderly vocals coming out of young avatars? That would be so, so weird.
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  14. I was expecting them to use old live vocals. There’s enough in the vault to use. The remixed vocals from 5 nights at Wembley in 79, recordings from 77 and the over-dubs done for The Movie and the soundboard recordings from 81 are all there. I’m surprised they weren’t used.
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  15. Uno


    The entire Voyage album is their 70yr old voices and not once did I think they "sounded elderly" or any different to their younger selves. I don't think having new live vocals is as absurd as it might sound on paper.
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  16. You're missing my point. I have absolutely no problem with their voices as they are now; I absolutely adored the new album and how they sound. However, if I heard their current vocals emanating from ABBAtars in their twenties singing those classic hits from decades ago, I'd find that a little odd. Also, the entire point of this show is the ultimate wish fulfillment; to see and hear ABBA as they were in their prime. Nothing else.

    Also, why does it matter if new vocals were recorded or not? Everyone knows they aren't actually there and not singing live, so it seems pointless to use less-strong vocals when plenty of superior vocals exist.

    Lastly, and this is no way meant as disrespectful to Agnetha or Frida, but their voices now simply wouldn't be up to the task of singing some of the trickier old hits. It simply wouldn't work. They've absolutely done the right thing in my opinion.
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  17. This is odd. They definitely sounded different to me; the same in many ways...but most definitely different. Their voices have aged, without even the slightest of doubt.
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  18. This show is based on make-believe and fairytale it's okay if the vocals are the record ones.
  19. I’m going to assume they were done as well to mix up the set list in the future. They were never going to win as there are too many choices that all make sense. If there hadn’t been new music, I think Super Trouper and Take A Chance On Me would have been the two biggest contenders for inclusion. I’ve always thought The Visitors deserved its moment in a live setting and Hole In Your Soul remains a massive favorite of mine, both studio and live. They would be the two songs you’d expect to be dropped in favor of a single, but I don’t think I could bear for either of them to go. What would you swap?
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