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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. well I wouldn’t think it would’ve been too difficult to make the set 22 songs and include those 2. The show is 1hr90 mins, the addition of those 2 songs would’ve probably stretched it out to 2 hours. Not unreasonable.

    But if I had to cull anything, I’d swap When All Is Said and Done for Super Trouper and Thank You For The Music for Take A Chance On Me.
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  2. There’s some footage of the ABBA-tars making its way on to social media

    I presume this one is the finale and is why there were reports of them being there a few days ago surfaced.
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  3. How long are we planning to keep things in spoilers for? Until tomorrow?
  4. I would think until after the first public show would make sense? Everything will be available on by then anyway
  5. I'm going to lose my shit in July dancing to

    Don't shut me down!
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  6. ^ we knew this one would be - was confirmed from the beginning
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  7. Not ABBA's best song not making the cut!
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  8. Definitely holding those songs back for the inevitable revamp.
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  9. That’s a matter of opinion, my favourite is in there
  10. Are vocals and band mixed to at least sound “live” like it’s the band actually playing or is it just an ABBA Gold CD playing really loud??
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  11. I was there tonight.
    No spoilers but the energy was electric. Absolutely amazing. I could not stop crying.
    5 start experience indeed.
    What a buzz!

    (Btw setlist was kinda perfect for the show)
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  12. Frida, Agnetha, Benny and Bjorn sat in the audience.

    Frida looks like she’s living her best life. Agnetha looks like she’s still worrying about that wallpaper that she put up upside down in her flat in 1981

  13. The guy with his hands over his ears
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  14. Five different coloured vinyls for Voyage (and a sixth for Australia) apparently wasn’t enough. There’s now a “sunset red” edition. Except it’s supposedly already sold out and costs a fair bit more than the others did…
  15. The absolute pop perfection of
    Lay All Your Love On Me, Summer Night City and Gimme Gimme Gimme
    in that order in the setlist. I can't.

    Even that little clip up there looks fucking brilliant.
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  16. Frida looks emotional. I'm in tears and I'm by no means the biggest ABBA fan. I can't imagine how this all feels to bigger or lifelong fans. Gay RIGHTS.
  17. Incredible reviews already from The Guardian, BBC and Huffington Post UK. 4/5 from The Times too.

    Apparently 380,000 tickets have been sold so far.
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  18. I’ve cried most of today
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