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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. How emotional and beautiful!
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  2. Tried to have control and still spent £100

    Also what is a Shynola please?
  3. Being-an-emotional-gay-in-his-30s-mess-crying-with-20sec-videos aside what I can say by now is that The Visitors and When All Is Said and Done on the tracklist is my definition of PopJustice!
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  5. I'm still processing teary when the show started and the avatars emerged, and then nearly lost control when the real four came on stage at the end.

    God, I love ABBA.
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  7. More clips
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  8. My two absolute faves being back to back on the show

    Cheeky and Fern
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  9. The reviews phew I am hyped to see this now.
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  10. Is there an empty place next to Björn? Is that where his wife would have sat?
  11. So sad that there will be no more new music here on as I really felt they had just one more album left in them. I hope either way they have a deluxe version of Voyage with some more bonus new tracks they had left over from their last recording.

    On that note, enjoy the music and the concert to those going.
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  12. Was Benny wearing a kimono??

    Love to hear Agnetha speak about it all as she was 'in the wilderness' for so long. I love them sooooo much, not least for how down to earth and humble they are.
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  13. That was one of the best experiences of my life. Truly astounding.
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  14. What amused me was that she said she hadn’t been in London for “don’t know how many years” or something like that. It was only 2013, when she came twice, the first time for about a week to promote her solo album.

    Unless she means she’s actually had time to see the place this time. It was mentioned in The Daily Telegraph article that she visited the venue last week. If that’s true then she hasn’t only just flown over. Not seen the article for myself as there’s a paywall / free trial that I don’t want to register for.
  15. My friend referenced him as The Wizard!
  16. I mean with the pandemic and all I feel like 2013 was 50 years ago.
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  17. I take it Gary Barlow wasn't invited?
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  18. Very jealous of those that went to the show last night. The real ABBA and Kylie in attendance?!
  19. Surprised at the lack of

    Super Trouper and Take a Chance on Me

    and disappointed that there's no

    The Name of the Game

    That said, they have such an embarrassment of riches to choose from, inevitably certain songs wouldn't make it.
  20. Definitely.
    But as Steps keep saying now "it's a good problem to have"
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