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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. It won’t be live as such as it will just be the original studio recording with some live musicians, but as with all of them, it will sound different. For this one, it’s just nice to have a visual performance rather than the cut-and-paste job of the video (which was put together by ABBA’s UK record company CBS-Epic at the time).

    I have heard that that it loses a verse. Not sure which one. As it has three, it will still be OK without one but I wish they hadn’t. And apparently When All Is Said and Done gains a verse (though just a refrain of the first one - the track already existed in this expanded form).
  2. Were all four members there or just B&B?
  3. We were sat by the dance booth that had B&B in (photo below). Didn’t see the girls though, at all.

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  4. the LAYLOM video interlude really works, and it is different to the studio the version. The intro is amazing and it really builds up.

    All of the vocals sounded familiar but different. It was really well done.
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  5. NOOOO!!! Spent ages scouting the crowd to see if anyone was in attendance.
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  6. Don't be making decisions based off some ropey YouTube videos. The whole thing is magnificent from beginning to end. You won't know where to look there is so much going on.
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  7. You're meant to think it's them at the end. After 90 minutes of young ABBA avatars they appear at the end as there current selves. They are so realistic it's not surprising that some people will have been fooled. The crowd went wild. I'm sure at least half of them assumed it was the real thing.
  8. I really really want to see this now , thank you all for your amazing reviews and comments.. it sounds absolutely incredible
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  9. I think it's gorgeously done and they clearly were thinking about the future. I'm sure tweaks will happen as the months roll on, like somebody mentioned B&B were watching the crowd more than the show and that's because they'll be seeing what is working, what isn't etc.

    Also I know the girls are still active, but in the near future I would love the Spice Girls to do something like this with them in the different iconic looks.
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  10. I completely forgot about this the last time I posted in here and amid my travel plans, forgot about this entirely! I just managed to secure a ticket on June 19th, three days before I head back to Australia. I have changed my Europe plans for this. I'm sure it's well worth it!
  11. Seeing the footage of Lay all Your Love on Me has got me thinking that they could use the footage for a lyric video in the series they're doing.

    The song is one of their best and never had a new music video.
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  12. Shame there's no One of Us, Take A Chance On Me and The Name of the Game. Hopefully they did these songs too and will be added/swapped later on the line.
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  13. they’re never going to please everyone. They’ll be somebody in the crowd thinking “would’ve been nice if they did King Kong Song”, I’m sure.

    I felt they could’ve stretched it out another 2 songs and thrown Super Trouper and Take A Chance On Me into the mix but even without them, the show was incredible.
  14. It will be interesting to find out what the other two songs are. We thought Take A Chance on Me would be in there until it turned out to be Hole In Your Soul.

    It’s a reasonably safe setlist though. 13 from Gold, 4 from More Gold, 2 from Voyage and the one genuine surprise. Maybe the other two songs are surprises as well, and they’ll swap Hole In Your Soul at a later date with one of them, then the other one after that, and rotate them?
  15. I thought people were saying phones were banned?
  16. They ask you not to use them, but quite a few people were still taking photos and videos (just far less than there would’ve been if they hadn’t said not to).
    They don’t take them off you.
  17. It's REALLY hard not to.
  18. Was that not just for the press nights?
  19. Not banned, but this is what I have received:

    During your visit, you are welcome to take photos outside of the arena and inside the main arena concourse.

    However, to keep the contents of the concert a secret for future audiences, and to limit distraction for those around you, please don't take photographs or use audio or video recording during the concert.

    So kindly put your phones and cameras away, help ABBA keep the mystery of Voyage alive, and please enjoy.

    We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.
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  20. The “mystery” will surely fade after a few more shows…
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