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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

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    Yeah I thought so. I'd be even more impressed if they'd somehow were projections too but it does all look quite pretty!
  2. I’ve not seen the show, but I’m not crazy on this choice. It seems odd to try to make the abbatars look and behave so lifelike, to have them just abruptly appear and reappear. Wouldn’t it pull the viewer out of the fantasy each time?
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  3. This is fucking beautiful.
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  4. It’s mostly okay because they don’t do it mid-song. It just means that half the time you’re watching the holograms on stage and the other half of the time you’re watching glorified music videos… or in the case of
    just spliced performance footage.

    These are definitely minor points, though. The show is a real achievement and a great argument for the use of hologram performers. They just fumble the delivery at times.
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  5. The show is incredible. If you’re in London, you should go. You won’t regret it.
  6. Absolutely. I still think it all looks incredible! And I've no doubt they'll perfect it over time too.
  7. The thing is, It’s the first time something like that has ever been done, And you all admit they are only minor things you don’t like.

    So straight off the bat they’ve already got it close to perfection. I do believe they will carry on working on it and respond to peoples comments.

    The fact though that it’s THIS good from the offset? Like, as an example, remember the opening night of Spice Girls 2019 when all the sound was off and thousands complained, it was in all the papers.

    Voyage has far more reliance on technology working as it should and no such issues yet
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  8. Fab shot!
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  9. I mean the animations where the Abbatars aren't on stage seem just like the equivalent of normal concert video interludes (for costume changes etc) - if anything this would add more realness to the show?
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  10. NO!!! In fact quite the opposite. The whole thing is like living inside one great big ABBA fantasy.
  11. I agree, I wish there were a few more performances of the actual holograms. That was when the concert (and the audience) seemed most alive.
  12. I've always found it interesting during interviews for the album that they have not called this their "final" album (at least in all the interviews I watched) leaving the door open for potentially more music. It's a miracle itself we got anything new in the first place, but with all these reunions and appearances, maybe this will inspire another song or something! "Don't Shut Me Down" showed they still have what it takes. Fingers crossed.
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  13. God I cannot wait to experience this!!!
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  14. No they have all said this is the end but both B&B said “never say never. We’ve been wrong before”
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  15. Finally some footage of….
    the new tracks

    Wait…are the choir on the screens or real?

    also I wish they moved about slightly during Don’t Shut Me Down. Im doing to see the Bjorn Identity next week and they have the dancing perfected (just need to get the lyrics right now)
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  16. Yeah, it looks weird that they stay so still for such a bop. That's disappointing.

    As far as tribute bands go, I imagine that's about as good as any would be able to do that song. They're very good!
  17. I see it later today (3pm) but couldn’t stop myself having a look at what’s on YouTube. LAYLOM has some very un-ABBA moves! And it is quite odd seeing a c1977 Agnetha singing The Winner Takes It All. It won’t compare to seeing it for real, but gives an idea.

    When All Is Said And Done just has the guys standing there for parts of it. I thought that looked a bit strange but again will probably look a hundred times better in reality.
  18. I wish they'd just release the Lay All Your Love On Me screen video to Youtube as a lyric video.
  19. Giving me
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