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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Video featuring the intro to Lay All Your Love On Me

  2. Wig begone.

    It's a shame they didn't have them onstage for this, given we never got a performance of this, but this video is a fucking serve.

    It's a music video ready to go. Get it online ABBA, come on.
  3. what is very interesting and definitely gives the show a live sound is hearing songs like this and The Visitors without all the vocal production and effects used on the final studio version.
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  4. Just saw a clip of The winner takes it all on Instagram and teared up a bit :(
    The abbatars are so life-like it’s insane
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  5. It obviously looks really well made and beautiful, but every video capture I've seen still feels like I'm watching a Polar Express music video.

    The stage feels really big and the avatars just look lost in it. Why not make the band more part of the staging? Why make the stage so big if there's nothing in it but screens?

    The arrangements are also not re-inventing the wheel - which in one way I understand (the audience wants the album version), but some variations would have been welcomed.
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  6. There are some variations here and there. As for the stage, when you are there, it’s just feels that you are in a much bigger space. All of this is no doubt to ensure the illusion is as convincing as possible. I will also say that all the videos and photos fail to do it justice, as they emphasise pixels and blur that really aren’t visible to the naked eye in the arena.

    However I suppose if you go to see it determined to be unconvinced then you won’t be able to lose yourself in the experience and come away disappointed.
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  7. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, people really need to stop judging the show based on YouTube videos shot on iPhones. They DO NOT reflect the show at all.

    The stage is big, but it works. It gives the illusion of the arena being a much bigger space than it really is. There’s multiple screens that move up and down at various points during the set. There’s lighting rigs that move. The band are on a hydraulic platform and they’re on and off the stage at various points. There’s 2 animation sequences (one I felt worked better than the other). At one point, the song switches between the avatars performing and screen footage and back again, but it’s done so well that you can’t see the screen lower and the switch is seamless.

    Just go and see it. It’s so good.
  8. I’ve never understood how people ignore all reviews but instead make judgements about stage shows that they haven’t seen based on shitty iPhone footage.
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  9. The segue into Summer Night City where they stage comes crashing back in the avatars reappear is incredible, but I bet that looks like total dog shit on YouTube
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  10. This was an utterly breath-taking moment of the entire show. Can’t wait to go again for many reasons but just seeing that bit again will be a total highlight.
  11. Clip of “The Visitors”

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  12. Well, that was incredible. I don't know what is or isn't a spoiler anymore, so my thoughts on last night...

    The wintry scene on the screens pre-show was magical.
    The songs were almost perfectly sequenced, especially the 'disco section.'
    The staging and immersive lighting was so cleverly done - it removed any feeling I was watching a show and created the illusion I was inside / part of this spectacular world - genuinely incredible. There was at times so much going on, I just couldn't take it all in.
    The band were brilliant throughout - hearing classic after classic blasting out in an arena setting was just amazing, and 3,000 people chanting Gimme Gimme Gimme etc was spine-tingling stuff.
    The animated sequence was utterly beautiful, and again, a clever little device to create the illusion of that part being an animation so when the 'band' came back on again, it felt even more like actual people returning to the stage as separate and distinct from the animation we'd just watched.
    The costumes were brilliant - I expected something garish or fancy dress trashy, but they were stunning and worked wonderfully in enhancing the performance.
    Knowing the history of these four people, the hugs in Knowing Me, Knowing You set me off - the first of several emotional moments for me.
    As many reviews have said, I started off aware of their being 'ABBAtars', and in parts Agnetha especially moved like a very well done computer game character, but over time, the illusion worked its magic and by half way through I was convinced I was at an ABBA gig. The song (cant recall which) where three of them step back and you can see them waiting in the shadows to rejoin Frida for the chorus was spine tinglingly brilliant.

    If I had any 'cons' it would be how rigidly they stuck to the released versions of the songs - they missed an opportunity to extend a few songs or drop in a 'call and response' section to get that audience interaction, and the abrupt end of some songs felt a tad uninspired.
    I desperately wanted them to burst into a chorus of Hung Up mid- way through Gimme Gimme Gimme that would have sent that already euphoric moment stratospheric.
    The audience behind me stayed in their seats the entire team - each to their own, but how anyone could stay seated through that I don't know. Happily the atmosphere generally was wonderful, like a big old party everyone is invited to.
    I know they'll be keeping several big hits back for a revamp, but I did miss Super Trouper and an I Have A Dream audience singalong.

    It was a magical, euphoric, mesmerising, awe-inspiring, life-affirming, emotional experience. I will most definitely be going again (and probably again), and definitely again when they switch up the set list.
  13. Why this pic or a still from this not being Voyage album cover is beyond me

    it’s fucking majestic!
  14. #bears #gaymuscles #gaysports

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  15. The wintry scene you describe actually reminded me of Kate Bush’s The Sensual World video. It looked more early-Autumn sunset to me though.
  16. Just want to echo the point about recording vs seeing it in person - I've been to a few of the shows now and any pictures or videos that I've seen look like shit compared to being there in person. The lighting effects look stunning in real life compared to on camera.
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  17. Woah. I remain somewhat skeptical, but clips like this make me see how easily I could get carried away after getting adjusted to the look and feel of the experience.

    Sorry if this has already been posted. I only recently started paying attention to this thread again and I'm not going through 200+ pages to see if this has been posted, but the NY Times has an interesting story on the creation of the show. Apparently, it cost more than £140 million to produce!

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  18. HRH Frida right there, gals and gays.
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  19. This snap of Kitty Scott-Clause and Ella Vaday definitely sums up the audience reactions. A combination of sheer joy and “WTF??”

  20. [​IMG]
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