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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Where did you get the tickets? I’m eager to pick some up but wary of scams!
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  2. Ticketmaster, with the resale filter thing on, which others said was legit as it's all handled through Ticketmaster. I have QR tickets already. If you look over the next few nights there's the odd ticket or two here and there, hovering around £65-85pp on the dancefloor. There are usually single tickets - finding 2+ is a little more difficult but doable.
  3. So, the vocals….

    I’ve been listening back to clips online. It definitely felt and sounded live in person, or at the very least, different to the studio take.

    As we know, master engineer Michael Tretow’s favourite trick with ABBA was to record the vocal track two or three times, then link them all together, but adjusted at different speeds to make the voices double or triple up and layer it to sound unique from eachother. I don’t think he started this until probably sessions for the self-titled album, which is why the earlier vocals sound a lot more organic (like the choruses on My Mamma Said, for example).

    Other songs used processing, like Summer Night City which was heavily compressed and then vocal effects added.

    Anyway, for Voyage vocals, I’m 99% certain they’ve gone back to the original single vocal takes, stripped away the additional takes and all the effects used, so what we’re hearing in the ABBA Arena is pure Agnetha and Frida without any additional studio trickery, just the sounds as they came out of their mouths and onto the tape. Which is why everything sounds way more organic at the show.
  4. The Fridatron 3000 absolutely owning Lay All Your Love. Queen level behaviour.
  5. Will be interested to see where they'll appear in this weeks album chart? I'm thinking Voyage surely gets a bit of a boost this week and Gold is back in the top 10 and gets another 72 years in the charts at least...
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  6. Gold is 8 and Voyage is 35 in today's update.
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  7. I really hope Voyage has legs and has a nice run in the charts this year.
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  8. I think Voyage could end up with very steady sales over the next few years.
  9. Waiting for the inevitable Gold+More Gold+Voyage boxset.
  10. Wouldn't be too surprised if this were to happen to be honest!
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  11. More Gold not being repressed on vinyl is the biggest mystery.
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  12. Silver vinyl, to go alongside the gold one from a few years ago
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  13. Me when I hit the dancefloor.


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  14. I made a mess this time
    And there's no doubt about it
    Hands down, the fault is mine
    And I'm prepared to shout it
    Out across the rooftops if it makes you happy
    Oh, yes, I could
    So, hey, I take the blame
    This one's got my name
    And there's no doubt about it

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  15. So I’ve just headed out of the ABBA Arena and I am a bit in awe of how incredible the show was

    Immaculately put together from start to finish. The Arena incapsulates the show and you feel like you’re just part of the most incredible world that they’ve created. At some points I found myself so overwhelmed at where to look there was just so much going on.

    Being on the dancefloor was a VERY intense experience though. People have definitely forgotten how to handle their drink / behave post covid. People falling over, throwing drinks (!?!?) and even attempting to mosh at one point. It was a lot. I would definitely recommend seats.

    All in all though. Absolutely mind blowing
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  16. Absolutely fucking incredible. WOW.

    We were dance floor pretty much central and mid way back. Perfect

    As has already been said don’t watch any of the shitty clips.

    The illusion for me persisted to the end.

    I wasn’t sure that they would pull it out of the bag, but they have.
  17. We had a go at the group in front of us. I hope you didn’t hear me, I had had enough and shouted at them to “Turn around and watch the show or shut the fuck up” oops. My friend then lectured them calmly and quietly.

    They got in line quick smart, don’t mess with the elderly gays.
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  18. I’m going again tomorrow and can barely contain myself.
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  19. So I was just listening to the playlist they generated when I did the Dream Setlist last month - I can’t believe I’m managed to narrow down my Top 20 ABBA Songs

    Now, please bear in mind I LOVE all their albums but The Visitors is my favourite album of all time.
    Of the 20 I chose, look at the breakdown

    Ring Ring - 0
    Waterloo - 0
    ABBA - 1
    Arrival - 2
    The Album - 1
    Voulez Vous - 4
    Super Trouper - 2
    The Visitors - 7
    Voyage - 2
    Other - 1
  20. How much are tickets if you buy the day before?
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