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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. SOS with Eastenders Intro

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  2. well I didn’t buy them the day before, I got resale and they were the same as normal price tickets
  3. Taste for stanning The Visitors. Masterpiece could only ever be applied to that record.
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  4. “Waterloo” is such an under-rated album :(

    where is the love for “What About Livingstone”, “My Mama Said”, “Gonna Sing You My Love song” and “Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)”

    I love “Sitting In The Palmtree” and “Watch Out”, though I know Bjorn isn’t a fan of the latter.
  5. Dance (While The Music Still Goes On), should have been an single. Great song.
  6. Oddly is it the only song on Greatest Hits 1 that wasn’t a single anywhere in the world
  7. Perhaps a sign that they knew it should have been.
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  8. I've grown to appreciate their first two albums the last year, 'Another Town, Another Train' is a forgotten gem.
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  9. I do love it I promise!! And Ring Ring
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  10. Oh yes, fab early years song this!
  11. that’s the problem building a setlist when you’ve got such a strong back catalogue. The question isn’t “what do we put in?”, it’s more “what do we leave out?”
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  12. Favourites from the first 2 (and this is being really strict cos I could easily choose them all)
    • Another Town
    • Disillusion
    • Nina
    • Me & Bobby

    • Waterloo
    • Hasta
    • Dance
    • Livingston
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  13. Mine would be:

    Ring Ring
    He Is Your Brother
    Another Town, Another Train
    Love Isn’t Easy

    Dance (While The Music Still Goes On)
    What About Livingstone
    Honey Honey
    Gonna Sing You My Love Song
  14. Apparently from now on, if you're seen recording the show then you'll be asked to leave. I get that a lot of money and time was invested in this but I don't like that decision.

    People that want to go won't suddenly decide against it because of some clips being available on YouTube so they won't be losing out on money.
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  15. This is correct. A flaw free, five star listening experience! The fact that Keep An Eye On Dan could easily slot on to the album (along with the 1982 bops) is a testament to the fact they never lost their magic touch.
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  16. I was listening to it the other day thinking that would have been an amazing song to finish the ABBA Voyage concerts
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  17. Oh yes, now that's a good point/idea-could have worked so very well and been appt for it.
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  18. LOOOOOOAAADDDAS of people were filming and taking photos tonight and security did nothing. The crowd were much rowdier tonight than they were last weekend. Everybody was on their feet from SOS onwards.
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  19. I’ll post properly later but The Bjorn Identity are the best ABBA tribute I’ve EVER been to

    The production is incredible! They’ve recreated loads of the music videos as screen footage.

    I was supposed to be getting married today and we had to postpone it so this has made the day special still!

    I’m enjoying this far more than some very expensive concerts I’ve been to recently
  20. Um…really?

    that’s so crap about your wedding though, and I’m really glad you enjoyed it
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