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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. It’d be interesting if they showed a different version of their performing the show each night, almost like they’re really there and not doing it exactly the same way each show.
  2. How am I only just now discovering Angel Eyes?! Tiktok ha power. It’s been lodged in my head for the last week. I’m such a flop for not knowing it before.
  3. Easily one of their all time best and totally under-appreciated. Those chorus harmonies are divine.
  4. Oh definitely, Angeleyes is devine. And such a vocal tour de force of a song. And coming from a solo man, just a hard song to properly sing.
  5. Angeleyes, is criminally underrated. Love how the UK sort of got it as single with it being a double A-side with Voulez-Vous.
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  6. And the Gina G tastic Abbacadabra version is insane in all the best ways.

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  7. My reaction:

  8. I don’t know why “Angeleyes” gets so overlooked, particularly in the UK where it was considered the bigger hit over “Voulez-Vous”. Epic really pushed “Angeleyes” as they felt it had the more traditional hit ABBA sound. It certainly got way more radio play than VV here and it was on Greatest Hits Vol 2. It just seems to have dropped off everyone’s radar after Gold.

    I thought it might have got more attention after Mamma Mia 2, but it didn’t.

    Benny isn’t a fan of the song however. He described as it “somehow too high and too low at the same time”.
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  9. It's a weird song. I've never heard anything quite like it from another artist. The production methods and vocal mix are so disciplined, the blend is so tight, yet at the same time you feel like you can hear all their voices working separately - how they maintained the patience to achieve it I do not know. I love it so hard.
  10. I cackled at this. I completely get this!! I've loved this song since forever, but still can't sing it properly. My mind doesn't know if I'm trying to sing the main melody or the harmony, so it makes me try to do both. It's really unpleasant.

    It's one of their best ever choruses though.
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  11. Haha. It's like most of thier tracks. They are so hard to sing, especially the joint vocal ones. And for a solo man, Agnetha leads too.
    I do find it way more comfortable to song a Frida lead.
  12. I get this with "Dreams" by the Cranberries. I can never, ever stick to the right note!
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  13. maybe that’s exactly what elevates it from classic ABBA-by-numbers to emotional masterpiece- underneath all those perfect melodies and harmonies lurks profound hysteria and despair ( sorry getting carried away here haha .. but I’ve always loved the songs for precisely those undercurrents
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  14. Benny has terrible taste in ABBA songs. So does Bjorn! Neither of them like any of the 1982 songs or Summer Night City!
  15. Does anyone know the times? Ticketmaster is saying 7:45 - is that the time the arena opens, or the time they’re on stage? Want to arrive at a time where I don’t feel rushed getting a programme and drink, but not be sat waiting for ages!
  16. I think that’s when it starts. We had a 3PM one and it started bang on 3. But you can stick around afterwards if you want to grab merch etc
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  17. Yeh this. We arrived at about 7:00 got quickly through security, had a drink and still had plenty of time before the 745 start.
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  18. I do find the set list could do with a bit of tweaking.

    I would replace The Visitors (as good as it is) with a different Frida song - hit Super Trouper.
    Hole In Your Soul with either The Name of The Game or Take A Chance On Me. I think the group feels that The Name of The Game doesn't work live - it was chopped up short on the 1979 tour which disappointed me. However for a show that Voyage is, they could do some amazing tricks to keep the momentum going. I'm sorry about this but Hole In Your Soul is a fine album track but had it's moment in the 70s to shine. If they want another album track there's plenty to chose from. I prefer Get On The Carousel and wished that was on The Album instead.

    Watching the documentary "Words and Music" - Benny says that the Super Trouper album was their best work to date. Okay, decades has past and their opinion might have changed but Super Trouper was such a big hit for them - it was even in both of the Mamma Mia movies. So to have it missing is a mystery.

    Now, I never really liked Chiquitita (I prefer I Have A Dream) but it does really seem that it's one of Benny's favourites. He seems to mention that one when he gets asked about his favourite ABBA song - Noel Edmonds for example on top of memory (although I do also remember Bjorn saying he was forced by the show about what to pick). It's possibly there due to B&B bias - I don't think fans/goers would miss that one if it's replaced either. Maybe swap it with The Visitors if they want.
  19. 7.45 is the start time and doors open at 6 or 6.15 I think. However, the arena is small and really well designed and it's quick and easy to get a drink or whatever. If you're standing and want a decent spot, you could even turn up at 7.25 or so and be totally fine.
  20. They all like Summer Night City, but dislike the studio recording.

    Bjorn singled out Under Attack in the Voyage launch as a song that should’ve been a hit.
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