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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Everything about this is wrong on so many levels. Have you even seen the show yet?

    The pacing of the show is perfect. “The Visitors” is an absolute masterpiece and it works so brilliantly as the opener to the show. Equally the segue into “Hole In Your Soul” works brilliantly and really gets the energy up. The only other song I can think that could work in its place is “If It Wasn’t For The Nights”.

    I honestly wouldn’t take any song out of the show as it stand now, if anything I would add a few in but certainly wouldn’t change the running order too much.

    On Friday, the whole crowd was singing along with “Chiquitita” at the top of their lungs, it was fantastic.
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  2. That's a fantastic review. Thank you so much! I'm glad Chiquitita went down well.
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  3. 'Little Things' will probably be added nearer Christmas.
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  4. don’t even joke, that’s not funny.
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  5. They've always been savvy, I'd wager the missing big hits have been done and kept in the stock room to switch places with something else every now and then to keep interested piqued.

    Then they'll replace Gold with Platinum and we'll all march out to buy it like total suckers.
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  6. Why? It’s utterly beautiful.
  7. Angel Eyes has been in my ABBA Top 5 since I first ever heard it (when I got The Definitive Collection for Christmas in 2001 I feel)
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  8. It’s ok. A bit too twee for my liking. But it just wouldn’t work as part of the Voyage show. It’s too tame. The whole show is a mix of bangers and big ass ballads. I Have A Dream wouldn’t work either. Neither would The Day Before You Came, as brilliant as it is
  9. It was the only other Voyage track ready for the performances and they seem to adore it so I think it'll definitely appear for the festive season.
  10. I Saw it in the Mirror aside, Little Things is their worst song.
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  11. I honestly prefer Little Things to I have a Dream
  12. Was it? Little Things was recorded in 2021, so was among the last songs completed for the album. The CD single credits confirmed the 2021 date. Therefore not sure how it can ever be part of the show performed by the ‘Tars.
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  13. The BMI codes confirm which order the songs came
    Just A Notion - 52331337
    When You Danced With Me - 52331822
    Don’t Shut Me Down - 52351171
    I Still Have Faith In You - 52351319
    Bumblebee - 52409321
    I Can Be That Woman - 52409795
    Keep An Eye On Dan - 52409909
    Little Things - 52409982
    No Doubt About It - 52410161
    Ode To Freedom - 52410190
  14. A new vid with LAYLOM and Intro has been posted.

    Will be likely taken down soon

  15. It’s not even close to being their worst song. Not when the vast majority of Ring Ring is an unlistenable mess!
  16. Unpopular opinion time, but I actually don't mind I Saw It In The Mirror. The one song that I'm not a fan of is I Am Just A Girl (the fact that the boys have vocals in that grates on me)
  17. Can they please add 'Keep An Eye On Dan' for mother and father's day?
  18. Oh. I really believed Benny mentioned in an interview about "a little Christmas song" years ago and assumed it was 'Little Things'?
  19. Little Things is actually based on a song called Godnattvisa from BAO 3, released in 2007
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  20. ABBA Gold up to #7 in the latest midweeks!
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