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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. In terms of timelines, we know the following about Voyage:

    2017: I Still Have Faith In You, Don’t Shut Me Down

    2019: I Can Be That Woman, Bumblebee (plus at least one of the two unreleased tracks - Hit By A Train)

    2021: Little Things, new backing track of Just A Notion (vocals from 1978).

    Other four tracks possibly 2021 too but unknown. For a long time there were rumours of five tracks recorded and five were done by 2019 (though one not completed and not released).
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  2. Where is this information from?
  3. When You Danced With Me and Keep An Eye On Dan were seemingly recorded in 2020-21 sessions. There’s footage of those being recorded in some of the promo clips and Agnetha has her mask around her chin
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  4. Görel Hanser confirmed in the fan club magazine that the snow photo was from January 2019, outside the recording studios where they were recording I Can Be That Woman and Bumblebee.

    Little Boots (or someone from the live band) mentioned Hit By A Train (if that really is its actual title) being from 2019. I think she said she’d heard some of it.
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  5. Is Hit By A Train actually a confirmed track? Or could it be a dummy/demo title to a Voyage track. As they used to do in the past?
  6. My understanding is that it’s one of the two incomplete and unreleased tracks. About love hitting someone like a train or something.
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  7. Yep, both Bjorn and Little Boots talked about it. Bjorn said it wasn’t finished in time. Little Boots said it was great
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  8. There are no Voyage shows on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th May next year - the only Friday and Saturday so far without shows...

    The obsessive stan in me is wondering if there might be any events planned for the one year anniversary - documentary premiere?
  9. I WILL SEE YOU IN LONDON ON 26th MAY 2023!!
  10. I wouldn't go booking anything yet, it just seems odd to not have any shows on the one year anniversary of the opening!
  11. I saw ABBA Voyage tonight. It was unbelievable - nothing could have prepared me for how insanely good it was. I felt like I had a religious experience.
  12. I saw the show this week and it's really euphoric. Review / thoughts ahead.

    The avatars on the stage look stunning and realistic and the way they have integrated it with the lighting really sells the effect. The close ups, which they show on the side screens and so on, also look good although there are a lot of dead CGI eyes, they're not quite lifelike when blown up to that size.

    I did think it was a shame that a few of my favourite songs were done as full screen "music videos" rather than performances by the ABBAtars. Maybe they judged it would be too boring to watch a whole concert of ABBAtars but with the fantastic staging like Chiquitita I think it would have worked.

    The parts in between where the members talk to the audience are really well pitched, both fun and emotional.

    A few big hits missing, but perhaps they will change the set list every now and then to give people a reason to go back.
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  13. someone on one of the ABBA Facebook groups got chatting with one of the team from ILM. As well as changing up the visuals, their are technical reasons for the more “screen like” segments in the show. It takes a lot of energy to get the Avatars on stage in such high res to make them look realistic. The equipment used gets hot - the projectors and the screens used. The “big screen” segments are there to let everything cool down and reset.
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  14. I'm not entirely convinced by that. Are they rendering the ABBAtars live? What would be the purpose of doing so when it's the same show every night? The full screen music videos play on the same screens (presumably OLED?) as the ABBAtars so I don't see how that lets the screen "cool down" and LEDs shouldn't get that hot anyway.
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  15. Yeah, I'm really curious what tech is getting used here. Having seen it, and been blown away by it, I genuinely want to know how the fuck they're doing this witchcraft.
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  16. I adore "When You Danced With Me," but this album is a little too traditional and twee for my tastes. It's not bad and the melodies are strong, but I don't find it particularly appealing to listen to TBH. I will say that Agnetha and Frida's voices have held up very well though.
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  17. Apparently we’re actually looking at 4 different screens, hence the avatars don’t look “flat” from the side angles in the arena.

    second hand info though.
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  18. Yes but
    Waterloo with the Eurovision footage
    was one of my favourites from the night - it absolutely popped OFF and it was a great visual change.
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  19. It sounds like when the ABBAtars are on stage there is some form of projection in addition to the giant screens, to give a greater impression that they are 3D figures. All speculation though. It's certainly an impressive effect so they'd be wise to keep it quiet whatever it is.
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