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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Apologies for the double post but when Don’t Shut Me Down was released, somebody here said that they heard the lyric “But in the shape and form / I appear now” as “But in the shaven form / I appear now” and I haven’t been able here to hear anything else ever since. Thanks for that!
  2. I cried when first heard it-in the best way of course!
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  3. Had I not been driving when I heard the track for the first time, I’ve had sobbed as well!
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  4. It’s Don’t Shut Me Down for me, all the way. One of the best songs of 2021!
  5. One of the best of the millenium for me! And that’s no hyperbole!
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  6. My ABBA Voyage show edition vinyl arrived today. Anyone else ordered it? It’s a lovely orange colour, with a very slight marble effect (which I’m not sure is intentional or a production fault).

    I’d got the other colours so succumbed to an eBay flipper as it was only available on the online store for a day and I didn’t know anything about it. It wasn’t on sale at the venue when I went on 29 May.
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  7. Yeah sorry that was me. I still hear it that way now.
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  8. Oh I adore that too of course-be foolish not too!
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  9. I have it on a playlist of favourite ABBA songs that I listen to on random and it fits perfectly between all the other songs .. it came on after ‘The Winner ‘ the other day and I had goosebumps
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  10. It IS indeed a goose-bump moment song. I had that for sure first time I heard it especially.
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  11. This could well be bollocks, but I was talking to someone at Glastonbury who has a friend of a friend of an ex of an aunt of a dog walker's previous roommate 'in the know' who told them that there might be a Voyage special edition with Disc 1 as the album as is, then Disc 2 would be the alternate versions of big hits heard in the show, i.e. When All is Said and Done with the extra verse, Dancing Queen with those little string flourishes etc.

    I didn't say it, but my mind went back to that Just Like That registration number thingy.
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  12. My souvenir tickets came through and… they look just like regular tickets.
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  13. So I’m at ABBA Voyage and it stopped after Mamma Mia due to technical difficulties and it’s been 45 minutes and it’s yet to restart. I think they’re gonna cancel the show for the night. Staff saying this has never happened before. We’ve been chatting to a trio of Swedish girls who’ve travelled over for the show who are in bits! Like literally crying! Absolutely gutted!
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  15. I'd really love a 2022 deluxe edition with 'Tour Versions' and Just Like That as a final gift for the fans.
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  16. it was blind to happen sooner or later! Did it just fail in the middle of the song?
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  17. Welp, so!

    Mamma Mia had finished, and rather than going straight into the next song, the house lights came up and we were plunged back into light. An announcement said something along the lines of ‘we’ve had a technical issue and we’ve had to stop the show. We’ll be back as soon as we can!’

    Audience were booing, but we thought it would be like five mins. People went to the toilet and got drinks, and it was fine. It was a cute interval. We thought we’d be back any second.

    An hour passes! There was an announcement every 15 minutes or so saying ‘we’re still working on it, hopefully be back soon!’ The general atmosphere began to change. I’m pretty sure there were some people who left. The rumour going around was that surely something had gone irreparably wrong and that it was gonna be called off. Surely after an hour whatever it was wasn’t gonna be fixed. There were some girls from Sweden in front of us who were literally distraught because they’d flown over. One of the stewards was speaking to us saying that this had never happened before, and they seemed as clueless as we were. We were minutes away from leaving.

    And then! The announcement was back. ‘Really sorry for all that but we are back in business!’ And straight into ‘Does Your Mother Know’. Pretty surreal experience, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take some of the momentum of things, but I still absolutely loved it. The crowd in the second half were even more feral than before, I suppose with delight that the show wasn’t cancelled after all.

    Ironically, my biggest gripe before the interval was that the audience were seated the whole time. I was itching for everyone to throw themselves in the air. Everyone was so muted and it was pissing me off. But after the interval, the audience was super receptive and willing to give it their all, and we barely sat down for the rest of the show.

    And what a fucking fantastic show it was. What a treat to start with an underrated gem as brilliant as ‘The Visitors’. ‘Gimme Gimme Gimme’ is surely laced with crack. ‘Dancing Queen’ remains the pinnacle of all music. Their discography is just absolutely wretchedly good. Like honestly what the fuck is wrong with them. We screamed along to every word, and although the reaction to the non-ABBA Gold tracks was slightly more muted, the audience was super generous and un-cynical, and were totally up for giving it their all and playing along with the game.

    The actual spectacle of the show was … spectacular. ABBA really were up on that stage. The effects are so good in the flesh, and the lights and the band and the staging really added to the authenticity of the show. It was fucking brilliant.

    Overall, a stunning experience. I would encourage anyone to go. I’d like to see it again without the break to see how it differs, but I suppose it made my show unique!
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  18. This totally needs to happen by the way.
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  19. My friend just offered a ticket to the show tomorrow night, but who has changed their shift to work late instead of early.
    At least it’ll be there for a while to still catch it!
  20. Call in sick, some things are more important than everything else ever.

    "I broke my...uh... legs."
    "Why can I hear Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! in the background?"

    I once pretended I'd dislocated my jaw to get out of work and go see S Club 7 at G-A-Y. Had to get my roommate to apply make up to feign bruising and wear a plaster over it for a couple of weeks after.
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