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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Jeeez that’s dedication
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  2. Not long out of the arena and I was so so impressed with this. The ABBA-tars look so good in person and the way the whole show has been designed just works so well and helps create an illusion that you’re really at an ABBA concert.
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  3. It's my turn in 11 days. Time to start planning the outfit.
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  4. Had an amazing time on Saturday. Never seen a technological visual feat like that. Looked incredible from where we were (very near the front on the dancefloor).

    And loved that the setlist had a few surprised on it. They can always add in the Gold songs left off in due course, but it felt like a set the band would choose do to, rather than just Gold + the new singles (which I expected). Also fucking VISITORS!? My friends were like AAAAAAAH on my behalf, knowing it's my absolute favourite.
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  5. I was supposed to be going in 2 days but we had a calendar clash so cancelled our tickets and bought for November

    However, no one told the arena and I keep getting all the “Not long now” “We can’t wait to see you” emails

    it hurts
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  6. I'm dying to go, but I'd have to fly in, and all the chaos happening at London airports is stopping me from booking. I don't enjoy airports at the best of times.
  7. The chaos has been largely exaggerated I'd suggest. I've flown three return trips in the last four weeks and it's been fine - although I am taking band baggage only to try to keep moving quickly. The only problem I've seen is upon one arrival at Heathrow the passport e-gates weren't working for a bit so there was a long line for passport control until they started working again.

    I don't think London City, which is closest to the ABBA Area, has been particularly affected.

    If you were to fly into LCY and take hand baggage only, I'm pretty confident you'd be totally fine.
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  8. It was my turn last night. An absolute triumph.

    There's bits where if you are stood in the wrong place the abbatars look a bit flat and I could have used more videos of Abba rather than legend of zelda knock offs but it's such a vibe.

    So much fun and really well done.

    Plus I got to dance like Joanna Lumley in fake Mamma Mia to does your mother know.
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  9. I got two tickets from my family as a birthday present, and am going on Monday, can't wait! This will actually be my first concert - ever - so even more excited.

    Quick question, for anyone - the concert time is 7.45, so how much earlier should I aim to be there -- 7? Not to sound dumb, it's just that I've genuinely never done anything like this before.
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  10. 7 sounds about right. There was a bit of queue to get through security when I went (less than 5 mins), and it’s nice to be there early-ish to get a drink and soak up the atmosphere. There’s also some bars / street food type places just outside the arena, so you could go earlier if you wanted to get dinner.
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  11. And loads of ABBA-branded everything to empty your accounts in the waiting area.

    I was a dehydrated mess before I had my own ABBA Water!
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  12. Thank you, good to know!
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  13. Yaaaaay ANOTHER reissue of Gold
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  14. Jesus, just give us More Gold on white vinyl!!!!

  15. We had Saturday night tickets and arrived at 7.05 ish. We had dancefloor tickets and the queue for security was a couple of minutes. The seated ticket queue did look a bit longer so just something to consider.
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  16. I had the pleasure of seeing the ABBA Voyage show on Monday in London. If you get the chance absolutely go - it was a complete joy from start to finish. I think that no pics or videos allowed to be taken helped as the only clip I had seen was the official trailer. It really is groundbreaking stuff and a real tonic to start off the week for me. I also now (at last) “get” I Still Have Faith In You as it was a real moment.
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  17. I went for the second time over the weekend and enjoyed it just as much. I was right at the front of the Dancefloor this time and thought it was better to be slightly further back, as I was the first time, to get a better perspective with some of the physical lighting.

    Going back again next weekend with my family - I actually can't get enough of it! I've spent a fortune already - I have a problem.
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