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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I've been thinking about when the time comes to eventually swap in some new songs, and really struggling to decide what they'd cut. I kind of hope they would just increase the show length as I've come to really love some of the songs that I wasn't super keen or familiar with before having seen the show.
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  2. Hard to believe it’s been an entire year (and a couple of days) since I Still Have Faith in You and Don’t Shut Me Down were premiered.
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  3. Wow, a year already??? Crazy! Still the two of the strongest songs from Voyage too in my view. Only really Keep An Eye On Dan rivals them.
  4. It was a very exciting time. Although those two songs had been announced as far back as April 2018, at times it seemed like we might never hear them. As soon as the countdown was announced, we knew something good was about to happen. It was actually on here, two days before the official announcement, that someone revealed there was going to be a ten-track album. I made myself not believe it in case it wasn’t true!

    Those two songs had to be good. The first ABBA recordings in 35 years (they were recorded in 2017) and at the time no album was planned. I wasn’t expecting the other eight tracks to be as good, and I’m fine with that.

    The loss of Olivia Newton-John, who was younger than three members of ABBA, reminds us just how unlikely Voyage might have been. They could easily have left it until it was too late.
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  5. I saw the show in the summer and totally forgot to post here! Easily one of, if not my all time, favourite show of all time. Was absolutely spectacular and I urge everyone who is on the fence about getting a ticket to just get one, it is phenomenal and you’ll leave already planning your next trip.
  6. Next trip!? I have my 4th and 5th coming up in October and November; I'm spending a bloody fortune.
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  7. I’ve been three times now.

    I’d take out Waterloo and Eagle. You don’t need to be at the venue to see that. I’ll leave Voulez Vous because I like God Abba. They would need to edit the two animated sequences together.

    Add in

    Super Trouper
    And Take A Chance on Me.
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  8. Take out Eagle!!? Blasphemy!!

    I actually wouldn’t take anything out. If anything, it’s too short.

    I’d do this

    The Visitors
    Hole In Your Soul
    Knowing Me, Knowing You
    Mamma Mia
    Does Your Mother Know
    Lay All Your Love On Me
    Summer Night City
    Gimme Gimme Gimme
    Voulez Vous
    When All Is Said and Done
    Don’t Shut Me Down
    I Still Have Faith In You
    Super Trouper
    Thank You For The Music
    Take A Chance On Me
    So Long
    Dancing Queen
    The Winner Takes It All

    …and even that’s missing some absolute gems out.
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  9. Queen Frida was there last night.
  10. I'm expecting some discreet price drops on this heading towards winter.
  11. Don't be shy, guys! Re-release Voyage with 'Just Like That'.
  12. I am hoping for some offers and take some family members but the price is a turn off for some especially with cost of living prices this winter
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  14. Time for a deluxe version of their latest album with an extra 5 unheard songs attached please.
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  15. Finally got to see the show yesterday, over a year after booking tickets!

    What a lovely experience.

    I got goosebumps when they came on the screens wearing those funky neon outfits from the new album cover. They looked like superheroes, ha.
  16. I haven't really followed much about the Voyage show, but I'm getting tickets in the next few days and I was surprised on the website to see Dancefloor tickets? Apologies if this is a really stupid question, but is this literally a dancefloor? I.e. no seats? What would people recommend is the best place to be (balance of not too ridiculous money-wise but with a good view?)? Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  17. Yes the Dancefloor is just the floor standing area. When I went in summer we got there quite late but managed to be pretty near the front to the left of the stage. But it’s such a great venue I don’t think there would be a bad viewpoint tbh. The only down side for me was a group of drunk women collapsing literally around me and it was a bit packed on the floor…
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  18. Best place on the dancefloor is to be pretty central, and near-ish the front but not too close; you don't need to be right at the barriers. If you are, you lose perspective slightly and don't see quite as much of the lighting and so on. To be honest, there probably isn't a bad location per se - the arena is pretty small and intimate.
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  19. I was glad to be seated, I do feel I would have missed some of the lighting and other things if I was standing.
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  20. I love my grampas!

    Voyage will be 1 year old this week, what a triumph of album!
    I still get emotional listening to it, still discovering new layers and sprinkles on every song as it should be with an ABBA song. They really did that!
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