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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I wonder if they will get a Voyage performance on the telecast then? Would obviously be great promo and the perfect place to announce the inevitable American run.
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  2. Big congrats to ABBA for the Grammy nominations, nice to see legends always recognised.
  3. Uno


    Don't Shut Me Down for Record of the Year is so well deserved. A career highlight single after 40 years of hiatus is absolutely astonishing and deserves all of the rewards and recognition it can get!
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  4. Hopefully they win something. Deserved
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  5. Not followed this thread for a while but I have FINALLY BOOKED!!!! My friend is coming from Australia to London in July 2023 so I’m gonna go over to meet her and we’ve just booked Voyage, I want to cry with joy

    Did the souvenir tickets ever materialise? I’ve booked one with no idea what they’re like
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  6. I’m going for my second showing next week, and third in January. Can’t get enough of this amazing show!
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  7. I went for the fifth time last week - still loving it, although the afternoon crowd is a bit more mellow and nobody seemed to know the two new songs.

    I don't have any more visits lined up for now - I may wait now until they change the setlist or something, which I think we're all hoping for.

    Incidentally, it just struck me this time - aren't all the wristbands the same, so you could sit/go wherever you want as long as you have a wristband and nobody's sat there? It doesn't seem like there are any problems like that, but it's a slightly odd way to do things.
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  8. We didn't get given wristbands but we were seated?
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  9. Hmm - are wristbands just for the standing people then? I thought everyone had them.
  10. Yes, wristbands are just for the standing section as far as I know. Haven't gotten a wristband for any of the times I went seated, but got them both times standing.
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  11. Does anyone know how often they do the fresh batches of Mamma Mia - The Party tickets?

    So far you book up till April and I’m looking at a Wednesday in July.

    I have tickets to Mamma Mia the show on the Monday and Voyage on the Thursday- living my best ABBA life there!!!

    (And again, does anyone know what the souvenir voyage tickets look like?)
  12. I ordered a souvenir ticket when they first went on sale, which arrived about a month after we'd been in July, as I wanted my niece to have a souvenir of her first concert. It was just two pages of A4 with our 4 tickets printed in the old concert ticket style - i.e. white background, cheap typeface - and the ABBA Voyage logo and Abbatar pic down the side. The tickets are perforated but make no sense if you detached them.

    I've noticed that they're now offering gift-cards, which would've been much more appropriate, but never mind.
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  13. I just got a ticket to the fan club anniversary show on 27th May!!
  14. Same here, looking forward to it!
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  15. brilliant! What did you go for, seats on dancefloor?
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  16. I went for dancefloor, did standing for the first couple of shows but only seating since, so looking forward to seeing it all up close again! What about you?

    Would love if this was the first show with some new content e.g. new songs/interludes!
  17. I’m seated. I found the dancefloor too cramped. At least with it being a fan club show, it won’t be full of drunken idiots.

    I was saying the same thing to a friend. I did notice last week that they posted a new trailer that used “Super Trouper” but then took it down.
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  18. Girlies I just bought a ticket for next week as a Christmas present to myself x
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  19. Yeah it should be a very dedicated crowd!

    I think Super Trouper and Take A Chance On Me must be nailed on to feature at some point.

    Before the launch, Svana Gisla posted a picture of a clapperboard with a “Take A Chance On Me” label, so it must be inevitable that it will appear. As for Super Trouper, I would find it hard to think that they would have ignored one of their biggest ever UK hits.
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