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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. My sis!
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  2. marielwedding2.png
    I am sure this fan is SUPER excited (Aussie fans will get this picture).

    Been spinning Abba myself like crazy last few days.....ughhhh the days when life was more simple and sweeter.
  3. Instead of Aussie fans, I think you mean gays in general haha. I would like to think us mature US gays have seen Muriel's Wedding. I would hope so anyway.
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  4. Wouldn't it be amazing if new ABBA sparked a sequel to
    "Muriel's Wedding" ?
    It'd be interesting to see how her life turned out and see if she followed in her Mother's footsteps and got stuck in the rut of a suburban Housewife.
    Maybe her husband cheats on her with a younger woman and she rediscovers her independent self through finding her old ABBA albums and being inspired by their new music to find love again
    "Muriel's 2nd Wedding".
  5. Muriel's Baby
    Muriel's Divorce
  6. Yeah,I echo this, gays in general. As a UK gay this has been my favourite film since I was a teenager. God just imagine a new ABBA and a new Muriels Wedding *dead.
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  7. Listening to The Visitors again and When All Is Said And Done scalped me for the hundredth time. It might be one of the greatest songs of all time. The way I already have goosebumps before the “autumn chill” line. They did not come to play on that final album.

    What an album. The bonus bops on the Deluxe really flesh out the experience too.
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  8. Loving the fact that it could be 10 new songs.
    I mean The Album and The Visitors only had 9.
  9. Although I was not born I still feel like When All Is Said And Done should have been a mainstream UK single.

    I do love the "not to old for sex" line.
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  10. The Visitors is my fave of course, still mad I waited too long to buy the deluxe cd+dvd and now of course is out of print and too expensive.
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  11. This thread led me to go watch the final scene of Muriel's Wedding... having worked on cruise ships for 10 years I thought I was totally sick of Dancing Queen but nope - goosebumps and one tear.

    I can't imagine how excited you ABBA superfans are right now.
  12. Blasting the Voulez-Vous album this morning in anticipation.
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  13. I saw a copy of the Head Over Heels single in a stack of vinyl singles at a store yesterday.

    Such a weird cover with old-hair Frida at the top as if she’s the featured singer.

  14. Really odd choices, yes! The 'real' cover artwork is much, much better

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  15. The typography though is not it!
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  16. ABBA’s single covers are almost universally awful. It was a different time, but still. That “proper” Head Over Heels looks like the POV of a really tall person interrupting them mid-conversation, and now they’re pissed off.
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  17. I never understood the original Under Attack cover art....

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  18. Under Attack is certainly how my eyes feel looking at that.
  19. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Well it looks like the artwork a stalker would come up with... Only thing missing is holes where their eyes are
  20. The best single covers are these


    I am very tempted to get the reproduced picture discs of those...
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