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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Not what I was expecting either - they're a little more CGI-looking and stylised than I thought they would be. I was imagining something photo-realistic. Not to say I dislike them though, their appearance is a pleasant surprise actually.
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  2. My hype is over the moon right now! I woke up feeling super groggy today and now I feel fully in my usual self. Their power.
  3. Fridabot and Aggiebot look amazing. Björnbot looks awful. Hard to tell about Bennybot from that picture.
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  4. I’m nervous!!!
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  5. I find it so hard to get excited about holograms. Is the technology really there to make it worth going to see? Because the Whitney one looked awful. And there's something morbid about it. Anyway I'll stay perched for that album announcement that's not coming.
  6. Well Abba are still alive, there’s nothing morbit about it.
    I’m here for the new music though.
  7. They’re not holograms. This is new technology, never used before. I suspect we will find out more about it tonight. But I’ve no doubt that the avatar show will be a fun experience and worth seeing.
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  8. 2 hours to go. I'm not overly bothered about the live show but if they're announcing a full new album I think I'll die. Dusted off my Readers Digest The Best of Abba vinyl boxset and been listening all day.

    I popped to my local record shop today and almost bought the 8 coloured LP boxset but left it there in the hope it might still be there come pay day. I have all the original LPs (except the first one) anyway but the set is just so pretty.

    They also had the Gold "Gold" and a couple of the half speed remasters reasonably priced too but given the amount of stuff I have on preorder at the moment I was sensible and walked away
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  9. Just accidentally saw some media B-gay lording it on Twitter because he has "inside information" about what we're getting that people will "get in trouble" for if he shares. Truly pathetic.
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  10. Leave @Joe. alone.
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  11. This set is always being praised by the ABBA audiophile fans as the best sounding ABBA vinyls there are!
  12. A proper look at them instead of off to the side

    (credit Gavin Dunning)

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  13. It does sound really good and it proves that there is an undistorted master copy of TNOTG floating around outside of Polar somewhere too, since the sat used CBS/Epic single masters. The readers digest CD from 1989 is consistently good too, although it contains the god forsaken radio promo edit.
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  14. I just realized that ad mimics the "one facing front, one in profile" thing from their videos. Amazing.
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  16. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Björn's kinda hot
    (in a 'stay the heck away from him cause he'll break your heart then make you sing about it' way)
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  17. Uno


    I love Agnetha's hair in that promo pic. They definitely improved on B&B's hair too.
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  18. I… see it too!
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  19. They don't look like Kim Wilde???
    Agnetha and Frida's high ponytails... absolutely love that journey for them.
  20. Less than an hour!
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