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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Guess I'll be taking a second trip to the UK next year.
  2. Benny and Bjorn speak so eloquently. I could listen to them forever.
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  3. Gays with daddy issues when me and my boyfriend enter pre-drinks.
  4. Luc


    There's no way their first week sales won't be gigantic!
  5. "I don't know Zoe. ABBA haven't really been a thing for 40 years. Maybe you didn't notice?"
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  6. (We need to update this thread title)

    The new songs are just so them, full of their DNA and instantly make me excited to hear the full set.

    I'm really curious about the show but I'm going to wait to hear about the execution of it all before getting my ass to London.
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  7. I need a full list of everything available so I can work out what to price my kidney for.

    I need one of every item
  8. There is no way they built a dedicated ABBArena just for one night right? This will be on every day for years possibly two shows per day too dd.
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  9. Yes, I agree. Under Attack should have been a hit.
  10. "There are songs that should have been hits like Under Attack." Let them KNOW, Björn!
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  11. Ok but see you when you're next in London x
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  12. Luc


  13. LTG


    Rise up ‘The King Has Lost His Crown’ stans
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  14. Thank god Amazon don't take money up front. Just ordered the orange vinyl.

    Does anybody know whether the official store takes payment up front or on despatch. I'd like a picture disc but its been an expensive week and I've got nothing left (insert Ian Beale GIF)
  15. Don't Shut Me Down is primed for remixing.
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  16. Aww, they didn't ask my question. "How do you feel waking up in the morning knowing you've written some of the greatest songs ever?" Not that I expected them to.
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  17. The dates are on the site babes. It’s got at least a several month first run.

    I’m excited by all this!!
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  18. Don't Shut Me Down is such perfect ABBA and I Still Have Faith In You is so delicate and beautiful. Nobody has ever been able to do it like them and they're genuinely untouchable. Pop perfection doesn't even cover it. Superb in every single aspect.
  19. This show will run and run and run. It's basically their way of killing off the Mamma Mia stage show!
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  20. I would unironically buy a record with this cover.
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