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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. I didn’t listen to both songs outside of the stream and when they closed the stream on Don’t Shut Me Down, I teared up. What an incredible song. It was so affirming to see my Sydney Harbour Bridge all lit up!
  2. Check out ABBA Undeleted (a medley of unfinished demos that debuted on 'Thank You For The Music' 90's boxset)
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  3. I Still Have Faith in You has a pleasant I Let the Music Speak thread to it.

    Don’t Shut Me Down sounds like If it Wasn’t for the Nights’ lil sister.
  4. Ew not available in the US! Bummer.
  5. "Final"? Nah.

    Could the Christmas song have a shot at UK Christmas #1?
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  7. I hear Just Like That (!) and Felicita (Al Bano & Romina Power) in Don't Shut Me Down!
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  8. The picture discs are already sold out. Are you FUCKING kidding me.
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  9. Both are from the 1978 sessions for Voulez Vous. Not sure why they dropped Bumble Bee, but part of it was used for I Know Him So Well. Just A Notion was completed, but they had a difficult time finding the right mix and ultimately the boys decided to drop it in favor of other songs.
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  10. They recorded then rejected it from Voulez-Vous and it was going to be added to the deluxe release a few years ago but “for reasons unknown” was left off. Guess we know what the reason was now!

    It’s got a great melody. There are some tribute band covers of it around.
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  11. Oh god. When it gets the final chorus of I still have faith I burst into tears every time.
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  12. Don’t Shut Me Down is the winner for me. I’m struggling to fully take it in cause I’m just in awe of hearing agnetha and frida harmonising on something which isn’t the back catalogue we’ve all been familiar with forever!! Wow! Just, wow!
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  13. I cannot stop playing Don't Shut Me Down. It feels I've always known it.
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  14. Wow!

    I cant believe it’s a full album. 100% going to the show next year. What a buzz!!
  15. What??! Fuck sake why didn't I just get one when I could get on the site
  16. Bless you!
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  17. Uno


    Literally cried at my work desk soon as I heard Don't Shut Me Down.
  18. Luc


    I hope that they will push Don't Shut Me Down

    Is a music video planned too?
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  19. Are the CD singles just one track? Mess but also kii if so. The Don't Shut Me Down cover is weird and ugly.

    The cassettes being more expensive than even the deluxe CD... mess.
  20. I Still Have Faith In You is a lovely song. It really suits where they’re at. Lovely to hear it. Very sentimental and emotional.

    Don’t Shut Me Down fucking SMACKS.
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