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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. That ending of I still have faith! Momma I’m home!!!!!!
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  2. It might be different in the UK vs. US (I'm in the US, which is why it's wild because that store took so long to even open up).
  3. 'I Still Have Faith in You' is very Madonna 'Ghosttown' until that guitar and the harmonies kick in. With the video it's all very emotional.
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  4. Anyone got the link for EU and US Store? My browser kept loading the UK site
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  6. Brace yourselves for I Still Have Faith In You to be featured on every single emotional montage for the next 12 months.
  7. Luc


    I hope that we will see the girls somewhere during the promo months that will lead up to the album release.. We miss them!
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  8. Unfortunately it keeps redirecting me to the museum shop site which 1) is running on hamster wheel power and 2) Doesn't have the new album.

    I hope I don't end up ordering from that Finnish shop again.
  9. Luc


    These three little piano notes here and there in Don't Shut Me Down are giving me all the feels.. So ABBA!
  10. For the first couple of minutes of "I Still Have Faith In You" I was a bit like.. hmm, it's nice, a bit of a pastiche. And the ABBAtars started singing and I was in bits. This is an old-school grower rather than a throwaway pop song that gets to the chorus 10 seconds in like most modern pop music. It's a timeless classic. As is the other song.

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  11. That's what it reminded me of, thank you!
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  12. This kind of show screams Vegas. I absolutely can see it going to Vegas at some point after London.
  13. I can’t get on the UK store at all, just want some Agnetha goodies.

    Slightly in disbelief I just listened to two new ABBA songs!
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  14. The last two minutes of Faith is where it becomes a classic. The last choruses…chills.
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  15. The music industry is definitely going to be watching to see how Abba Voyage turns out. Could really be a turning point for older/legacy acts moving forward.

    I could absolutely see Spice Girls doing something like this too at some point. Could you imagine getting a Spiceworld Voyage digital tour with their 90s CGI-ed selves?!
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  16. Surprised the thread hasn’t been renamed: Abba Voyage.

    Their upcoming album is going to slap so hard. I can’t wait !
  17. "Keep An Eye On Dan" has serious "potentially shit joke song with Bjorn lead" vibes. That would be so right for them I almost hope it is.
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  18. It's like they just picked up where they left off, isn't it? Both songs are sublime.
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