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ABBA - Voyage

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by hollaa01, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. Give us Just Like That as a B-Side, B&B!
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  2. It was seeing the shots of the four of them in the studio together that set me off. Until then I was keeping it together.
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  3. Only a couple of songs have made me cry upon first listen. The first one being "This Woman's Work by the Goddess almighty Kate Bush. The second is "Don't Shut Me Down".
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  4. These first two songs are ABBAsolute perfection. Quite incredible and a tad overwhelming.
  5. I am SO HAPPY about this song, whatever it turns out to be
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  6. Luc


    I'm still baffled by Agnetha and Frida's harmonies.. just intact, timeless!
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  7. I Still Have Faith In You is stunning. Their album is going to be a serve, poor anyone else releasing that week & maybe next.
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  8. It's really like time stood still and they continued were they left off in the early 80s. The ABBA magic is still alive and kicking.
  9. I'm sorry but I actually can't get over ABBA releasing a song like 'Don't Shut Me Down' forty years after their last album. It's frankly insane?
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  10. OK I THINK IVE WORKED IT ALL OUT!!!!! (Did someone mention a Target Exclusive?)

    • ISHFIY 7’’ - £9.99
    • ISHFIY CD - £3.99
    • DSMD CD - £3.99
    Super Fan Bundle:
    • 4 Cassettes & 4 CDs - £69.99
    Vinyl Bundle:
    • 4 Vinyls - £90.99
    Alt Artwork Casette - £9.99
    Deluxe Eco Box - £18.99

    • Eclipse CD - £10.99
    • Eclipse Cassette - £9.99
    • Eclipse EP - £27.99
    • Alt Artwork CD - £10.99
    • Alt Artwork EP - £27.99
    • Orange Vinyl - £26.99

    TOTAL - £322.87 + shipping
    • 8 Vinyls (inc picture discs)
    • 8 CDS
    • 6 Cassettes
    • 1 Eco Box
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  11. Me too!

    I know that 'I Still Have Faith in You' is meant to be the tear-jerker, but I find it a bit heavy-handed, bombastic and schmaltzy. But the second I heard them harmonising on the chorus of 'Don't Shut Me Down' I was crying tears of pure joy. 10/10.
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  12. Is the Amazon UK vinyl up? I can't find it.
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  13. The whole Abba Voyage concept is incredibly exciting.

    I know many may see this as a gimmick or novelty but as a tech and history geek, this could be an incredible way of showing historical events. This doesn’t have to be limited to concerts. Could be an amazing way of educating people, showing historical events like you were there.

    Not just excited about this comeback, but also the amazing possibilities this kind of technology could result in.
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  14. Yes I bought it.

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  16. Don't Shut Me Down is IT. How the fuck have they managed to make it sound like One of Us and I Have a Dream together?!
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  17. F*** me. Who needs food anyway huh?
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  18. Thanks guys. Found it.

    Listening to the new songs. I Still Have Faith In You is a bit on the average side, it takes too long to feel like a proper ABBA song.
    Don't Shut Me Down makes up for it though.
    Shocked at how well the girls sound after all this time though. They can still sell the crap out of a song and harmonise like angels.
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